Ramadan Kareem…

Alhumdolillah, it is that month of the year again when all the doors of Jannah (Paradise) are opened for all Muslim Ummah and all the doors of Jahannum (Hell) are closed and Shaitan (The Devils) are put into chains….

May Almighty Allah accept our fasts, prayers and good deeds and forgive our sins; and shower His Blessings on us in this auspicious month of Ramadan…

O Allah, show mercy to all our Muslims brothers and sisters who are suffering from the hands of barbarians all over the world…Protect and deliver them from this hell on earth and Bless them in this Holy Month…


Ramadan Kareem to all….



Courtesy : Wallpics.com


Courtesy : Imagefriend.com


Courtesy : Futechnology.blogspot.ae

itm_2014-06-05_13-50-38_1Courtesy : Coverpixs.com

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