Fun Facts About Me…


I’ve been tagged by Chhaya from @urbubblybutterfly to do this Fun Facts tag.

Here we go,

1. Blue or Pink: There was a time when I definitely would have said Blue without hesitation. But now time has changed 😀 Now I’m into things that are cute. So my pick is Pink:D

2. Hamburger or Pizza: Burger but only if it’s Wendy’s 😀

3. Rain or Snow: Definitely Snow. Seeing snow fall is on my bucket list for so long 🙂

4. Piano or Guitar: Now this is a tough one. I love piano but love guitar with the same intensity (even though I don’t know how to play either :P) Learning to play both of them has been on my bucket list for like forever. Hmmm here I’d pick Piano 🙂

5. Dog or Cat: Cat. I don’t usually like pets but when I do I’d pick up cat anytime over any other pet 🙂

6. Football or Basketball: Neither. I’m not a fan of either. But if it’s Cricket I’m in :D. We almost worship Cricket in India. I wonder why isn’t it a National game yet :O

7. Sporty or Girly: I’m girly in most aspects but I can be sporty if I like. So I won’t pick among these as I’m both sporty as well as girly which I’m sure a lot of women are 🙂

8. Tea or Coffee: Coffee. Period. Without my daily cup of coffee, I feel incomplete. It’s my comfort drink 🙂

So that’s all. Now I’d like to tag Eram Appi from @eram81, Loveeza from @loveexa, Carla from @myyellowbells, Krissy from @krriiisssy, Irene from @drab2fabz, Natasha from @bellezakisses and last but not the least Leslie from @bravenezz to do this post. You all can do it as well but tag me. I’d love to read about your picks:)



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