Another Awfully Distressing Experience With Sephora Middle East

Each and every one of us (no matter how old or young they are) have a bucket list. And like everyone else I, too, have a long bucket list 😀 The things I want to do or feel. It has everything I’ve ever dreamed of. After entering into the world of makeup, I began to covet many makeup products that I see or hear about online. Slowly but gradually, those makeup products kept on getting piled up onto my bucket list.

But it didn’t feel right to add material things to the list that only consisted of feelings and experiences.

Thus, my own makeup bucket list commenced.

I’m sure almost all makeup lovers have Marc Jacobs Beauty somewhere on their list. On mine, it was on the top 😀 I’ve wanted to own something from Marc Jacobs Beauty ever since I heard about the brand and saw the gorgeous pictures of its makeup range.

You can imagine my excitement when Marc Jacobs Beauty finally came to Dubai. I immediately went to Sephora to view my most coveted brand till date. But because of its high price range I never got a chance to buy anything from the brand. Even when I saved money for my makeup, I didn’t feel like splurging all of it on a single product instead of a couple or more products.

But every time I visit Sephora, I religiously stop at Marc Jacobs kiosk and appraise all the beauties lined on the display affectionately. 

That day, I went to Sephora at Mall Of The Emirates solely for the purpose of buying Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation but they didn’t have my shade. 

I didn’t want to leave empty-handed from there. This had me thinking.

The difference between the powder foundation of Too Faced and Marc Jacobs was around AED 50. I thought what the heck and went ahead and tried Marc Jacobs powder foundation in Beige shade as usually beige is the shade that suits me perfectly. The Sales Assistant also said that it looked perfect on me.

And it did look perfect in the (misleading) lights of Sephora. So I bought it.

I was ecstatic 😀 I finally own the top item from my makeup bucket list. I couldn’t wait to try it on.

1-DSCN0423_edited 1-DSCN0443_edited 1-DSCN0477_edited
Next day I tried it but the color looked suspiciously darker. I assured myself I’m seeing it and that’s not the case.

“You must have read about my previous horrible experience with Sephora (HERE). How the SA gave me a wrong shade, how they refused to exchange it. It was many months later that I commented about my plight on their Facebook page that finally got their attention and they let me exchange my foundation.”

This experience went quickly through my mind and I thought, “Oh no! Not again!! They would refuse to exchange it and it’s an expensive product”.

I looked again, carefully, and with sinking heart noticed that I was right. The shade was darker than my complexion. It made my skin look darker than it really was.

I resigned  and (with some hope) I wrote to their customer care representative. First of all I want to say that their customer service sucks. They don’t reply promptly. After few days (and emails) they finally replied that I should go to the said store and ask them whether they would exchange the product. Even when I told them about my previous experience, they still insisted that I go to the store to exchange it.

So with heavy heart I went to Sephora. I knew what their answer would be even before they answered. They refused downrightly to exchange it saying I’d already opened the product, it’d been used so they won’t exchange it.

1-DSCN0572_editedThe powder they refused to exchange. See how much it is used.

I told them I only put it on my cheek and noticing the orangish hue it gave me, I immediately stopped applying it. Still they refused.

I was heart-broken. I was devastated and on the verge of crying. I bought something so expensive and I will not be able to use it. AED 215 might not be much for them but it is a quite a sum for me. 

I didn’t know what to do. I came back home with heavy heart and again wrote to their customer care representative. As usual, they didn’t reply and haven’t replied yet.

I feel like crying and smashing things whenever I see that powder. I bought an expensive product and I couldn’t USE it because of their SA’s MISTAKE and it just sits there at the back of my drawer in dark.

Have a heart, Sephora. Stop treating your customers like this. And for god’s sake change those darned misleading lights in your store.

I just want to say that I am utterly and thoroughly DISAPPOINTED, UPSET, and HEART BROKEN by SEPHORA MIDDLE EAST.

You should have a better exchange policy like Sephora US.

With aching heart, I sign off.


5 thoughts on “Another Awfully Distressing Experience With Sephora Middle East

  1. That’s HORRIBLE!!!!! I don’t understand why they don’t have the same return policy as the U.S. I agree with you about their lighting. It’s been plenty of times where I go to try a new brand brand of foundation only for it to look amazing in the store but outside I end up looking like a Oompa Loompa! It’s crazy! I finally learned my lesson and now only ask for samples of different foundations and then try them out at home. But I know that’s impossible to do with powder foundation. Keep fighting and go on their FB like you did last time, don’t give up. It’s not fair that they get to keep your hard earned money.


  2. Oh man! I feel for you. I am currently in the US on a holiday and enjoying the customer care at the Sephora here which I never get in Dubai. I probably don’t look rich enough or cool enough for make up.
    I finally had someone really sweet at Sephora here match me to my perfect shade and recommend the perfect product. She was horrified when u told her about my Dubai Sephora experience.
    And since I don’t want to end up buy the wrong products, I buy what I feel is right (this is from drugstore range) and if it isn’t right exchange it with the right one.


  3. Sad to know your story.

    I don’t understand that why same brand has different policies region wise. Sephora at the USA is the best. May be the USA has better consumer rights than UAE.

    I called their toll free in the UAE and asked them about their return and exchange policy. To my surprise, she told me the policy unlike in the USA. My question to her was; why there is a difference in policy when the brand is same? she had no answer to this and kept repeating like a parrot that it’s 14 days exchange policy when the product is unopened. I told her when the main (thats the main website) website clearly says that customers can return/exchange the light usage items if unhappy with 60 days of the purchase with the receipt. She had no answer and asked me to email and she will ask her manager to reply.


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