“Blog And Breathe” Event

Even before I started blogging, I read online about how some bloggers meet and spend some time together. So when I started blogging, I was looking forward to meet other bloggers as well. But since I’m new in Dubai and I don’t know anyone here, I didn’t get that chance sooner.

When a sweet blogger Chhaya Kumar from Your Bubbly Butterfly  contacted me regarding such event, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I was so excited to meet and talk to the other bloggers of Dubai 😀

1-Blogger Event_YBB

Chhaya Kumar, The Organiser

The meet was at Fellaa Beauty and Spa at Ansar Gallery in Karama. 


A South Indian actress Ms. Nisha Joseph owns the place and Ms. Gauri is its manager. We get to meet Ms. Gauri who’s quite a friendly person.

The best thing I liked about Fellaa was its interior and ambiance. It has an elegant, soothing and very cozy interior with beautiful chandeliers.


1-DSCN9060_01 1-DSCN9095_01 1-DSCN9069_01 1-DSCN9059_01Moroccan Bath Room1-DSCN9077_01 1-DSCN9076_01 1-DSCN9073_01Moroccan Bath Room 1-DSCN9074_01


Beautiful purple velvet couches adorn the waiting area in the massage area while a no-nonsense white sofa greets the customers as they enter the Spa. I could picture myself relaxing there while having a massage or facial. There are three massage rooms, a facial treatment room, a room for Moroccan bath and a changing room.


1-DSCN9087_01 1-DSCN9090_01

The salon area of Fellaa is dedicated to hair treatments, makeup and nail treatments.

1-DSCN9031_01 1-DSCN9118_01 1-DSCN9058_01 1-DSCN9030_01-001 1-DSCN9122_01 1-DSCN9119_01

Here also you’d be greeted by a comfortable couch in the waiting area. This portion is also quite beautiful with pink, black and brown theme.

If you ever feel like taking a break from your hectic life and pampering yourself then I suggest that you do check Fellaa Beauty and Spa out. The ambience itself is enough to relax anyone. And to top that the staff is quite friendly as well. Or if you want to treat your friends or confidant, you can gift them a day at Fellaa. I’m sure they will enjoy and appreciate you even more 🙂

When I reached there I thought the event was already over as I was very late (beacause of the darned traffic and the fact that Fellaa is quite far from my home). But it turned out I was the first one at the venue and the other bloggers, too, were stuck in the traffic jam. 
Finally I got there and met Chhaya in person. She’s really charming and I didn’t feel like I was talking to a stranger. It was so easy to talk to her 🙂

As a promotion from Fella, we could opt for one of their complimentary services. 
Since I don’t paint my nails and like keeping them short and wasn’t feeling like getting a back massage, I went for the blow dry.

A sweet Moroccan lady (I swear she looked so much Indian that I even asked her whether she was from India 😛 ) Hasna, did my hair. I asked her to do something to my hair that would give body and bounce to my otherwise dull and limp hair. 
In between, another staff member brought me some cakes and coffee and I talked to Chhaya about her life and blogging.


I must admit I wasn’t expecting much but to my absolute astonishment I was more than happy with what Hasna did to my hair. They were completely transformed!!! They looked voluminous and gorgeous!! 

As I was getting my hair done another blogger came. This was Carla from My Yellow Bells. She’s a lifestyle blogger. She’s a gorgeous woman and a great person as well. She opted for manicure and Maria, her stylist gave her a beautiful pastel (mint and pink) manicure.

1-DSCN9043_01Carla having her nails done by Maria

I also met another blogger Krissy from K Vanity Project. She was quite chic and stylish. But that’s understandable as she’s a fashion blogger 😀

1-DSCN9047_01Carla, Chhaya and Gauri1-DSCN9051_01Carla, Chhaya and I1-DSCN9133_01The four of us- Krissy, Carla, Chhaya and I1-DSCN9143_01The four of us- Krissy, Carla, Chhaya and I 1-DSCN9141_01Can you see my blow dry??

Then after the event Chhaya had planned to give away a goodie bag to two of the bloggers. 

Krissy and I turned out to be the lucky ones 😀

All in all it was a great experience for me at Fella. I loved my blowdry but it would have been great if it stayed put for few hours. My hair is actually quite straight and usually any blowdry doesn’t last long. And this was no exception. My hair dropped and lost their volume within an hour 😦

As for the event, I had fun and enjoyed it. It was great to meet the other bloggers of Dubai. I’m looking forward to spend some quality time again with the three of them. 🙂


Fellaa Beauty Care and Spa
Ground Floor, Ansar Gallery,
Karama, Dubai, beside Seafood in a Bucket
04-396 9661



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