Let’s Get Electric With Urban Decay Pressed Pigments Electric palette…

Oh Em gee!! It’s finally here!!! HERE!! I’m holding it in my hands!!! Somebody pinch me!!! I’m feeling  ELECTRIC!! Yes!!! you’re right!!! I finally got my hands on the new Urban Decay’s Pressed Pigments Electric palette. I knew I had to get this as soon as I saw it online on Temptalia. My God! Such beautiful and bright colors!! Urban Decay you did it again! You guys are seriously awesome!

DSCN8482-004 DSCN8488-002 This has my name on it the day it was released 😀 Why?? Because I love bright and bold colors and I love Urban Decay!!  If it was up to me then I’d wear bright colors everywhere. 😀 This palette is heaven for bright and bold colors addicts! It has a contrasting and beautiful selection of colors. It’s exquisite! DSCN8773-002 I know there has to be a catch. Nothing this awesome comes without any catch. And here it is: “Warning: Slowburn, Savage, Jilted, and Urban are not intended for the immediate eye area.” If you have sensitive eyes then you should definitely heed the warning. These four colors aren’t to be used on immediate eye area as they are not safe. This is because this palette has Neon pigments and Neon pigments are not FDA approved in America. These pigments are often approved in the Europe and Canada but not in the U.S. So use these colors at your discretion and risk. I’ve used these colors in my tutorial and I didn’t wear it for long. I DO NOT recommend using these colors on eyes. Be safe and cautious while using these four colors. What a shame! They are such gorgeous colors! But no worries I can use them as blush. But if only it was safe to use on the eye *Sighs* The packaging of the palette is as noteworthy as the contents inside it. It is sturdy, compact and sleek with vibrant and electric neon smoke print on black background and generously sized mirror inside. It’s closure is magnetic. It also comes with a black double-ended brush with purple synthetic bristles. It has a flat shader brush on one end (for applying the colors onto the lids or in the crease) and a detailer brush on another end for blending or lining. DSCN8491-002 DSCN8494-002DSCN8763-002DSCN8698-004 DSCN8709-002 DSCN8714-002 DSCN8722-002 DSCN8717-001   The Electric Palette contains ten insanely bright out-of-the-world pressed pigments. It has two previously released colors – Revolt (From Anarchy Face Case) and Chaos (From Vice palette) while eight entirely new colors. DSCN8785-002 DSCN8791-001DSCN8794-002 DSCN8801-001 DSCN8801-002 The reason these beauties are so insanely saturated and bright is that UD has used pressed pigments instead of traditional eye shadow formula. This palette contains a contrasting selection of different textured shadows with satiny, frosted, metallic or matte finish. Savage has matte texture while Gonzo, Slowburn, Chaos and Thrash have matte texture with fine micro glitter which usually doesn’t show up on application while Revolt is the only colour which is jam-packed with glitter and shimmer. All of the colors are super soft, incredibly pigmented and buttery smooth. They apply like velvet and blend together effortlessly. They last longer almost more than nine hours without fading, creasing or smudging!! Pretty impressive, eh?? 😀 See!! How beautiful the colors are!!!

In Natural LightDSCN8850-002In FlashDSCN8973-001In Natural LightDSCN9014-001In Flash

Let me remind you again that this is NOT an eye shadow palette but a multi-use palette. The shades Slowburn, Savage, Jilted and Urban are not recommended to be used on immediate eye area but they can be used on lips, face and body. I applied clear lip gloss and then with my finger took a small amount of Slowburn and blended it with the gloss. Result?? A gorgeous color on my lips!! I adored it!!  😀 😀 Some of the shades (Savage and Jilted) stain the skin temporarily while other are easy to remove with a makeup remover. My favourite shade from the palette for eyes is Fringe, gonzo and Freak and for lips is Slowburn and for cheeks is Jilted.   I love this palette to bits!! It has following shades: Revolt: It’s a luminous, cool-toned, metallic silver color with silver micro-glitter. I usually use this color in the inner corner of my eye. It’s full of glitter and is the least pigmented of all. The glitter doesn’t merge properly with the shadow and because of this it’s apt to fall out. Swatch1  Gonzo:  It’s a vivid, matte electric blue color with velvety, silver micro-shimmer. Its texture is velvety and pigmentation is good. Though it contains micro glitter it appears mostly matte when applied.  Swatch2 Slowburn: It’s a vibrant, matte red-orange color with silver micro glitter. The glitter doesn’t show up much when applied. Its texture is smooth and velvety and is beautifully pigmented. It’s not supposed to use on immediate eye area so I’m going to use it as a Blush and Lip color. It’s such a gorgeous color. I wish I could use this on my eye as well. Swatch3 Savage:  It’s an intense, cool-toned, matt fuchsia pink color. It has splendid pigmentation and its texture is soft almost powdery and fine.  Swatch4 Fringe: It’s a bright, metallic teal color with a frosted finish. It’s intensely pigmented and its texture is silky smooth with satin finish. It’s such a stunningly color. It’s my favorite color in the palette! Swatch5   Chaos: It’s a radiant, matte blue-iris color with fine glistening shimmer. Though it looks like cobalt blue in the swatches, it’s actually Blue-iris color. I tried to take its picture in different lights but couldn’t get the true color. It’s from the Vice palette .  Swatch6 Jilted: It is deep, metallic fandango pink (pink orchid) color with blue shift. It’s tremendously pigmented and its texture is silky smooth with duo chrome, frosted finish. It is one of my favorite colors in the palette. Again, it can’t be worn on eyes so I’m going to use it as either a blush or a lip tint (mixed with lip gloss). Swatch7Urban: It’s a brilliant, metallic purple color with red undertone. It’s insanely pigmented and its texture is super velvety and smooth with satiny, frosted finish.   It is one of my favorite colors in the palette. It is the most gorgeous purple color I’ve ever seen!! It’s heartbreaking that it can’t be worn as an eye shadow 😦  Swatch8 Freak:  It’s a vibrant, metallic, cool-toned mint green color with golden sheen.  It’s exceptionally pigmented and has soft and smooth texture. It’s a stunning color and perfect for Spring season. Swatch9 Thrash: It is matte, electric lime color with satin shimmer. Its pigmentation is good and has a soft and fine texture.  Swatch10 If you are a lover of eye shadows then you have to have this palette even if you don’t like bright eye shadows. You can mix them with neutral or dark coloured eye shadows to create more wearable looks. Seriously guys!! You should buy it. It’s so good! DSCN8809-001 DSCN8810-001 DSCN8814-001 DSCN8816-001 DSCN8885-001 DSCN8914-001 DSCN9023-001 DSCN9016-001 DSCN9019-001 DSCN9020-001   I created a look using Savage, Fringe, Chaos, Jilted and Urban. I’ll upload the tutorial soon. 🙂 DSCN9299-003 

Reasons to pick this:

  • Bright and fun colors
  • Beautiful selection of colors
  • Insanely pigmented
  • Versatile colors
  • Variety of texture and finish
  • Velvety and buttery texture
  • Sleek packaging
  • Value for money
  • Long lasting
  • Easily blendable
  • Cruelty free


Reasons to steer clear of it:

  • Four shades (Slowburn, Savage, Jilted and Urban) are not recommended to be used on immediate eye area. They also stain the skin temporarily.

Samareen’s Ratings: 9.9/10

Final Say: I’m ecstatic on getting Electric palette. I love all the bright colors it offers. If you don’t like bright shades, most colors can be muted down with neutral eye shadows for a wearable day look. It is an outstanding palette by Urban Decay for those who like to experiment with colors! I’ve had great fun swatching the shadows. They looked good enough to eat!! 😀  Super velvety and pigmented eye shadows!!

Price:  AED 269 for .04 oz x 10 (AED 26.9 per shade :D)

Availability: I got mine from Estilo.ae. It’s also available on Alshop.com. I have been to Sephora a while back. It wasn’t in the stock at that time but they might have stocked it up.

So did you like what you saw?? Are you going to give this beauty a try?? Comment here or on my Facebook. I’d love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

P.S. I went crazy while taking pictures as you can see 😛 These looked sooooooooo good!!! 😀 Click on pictures to enlarge them. 🙂



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