Single Eye Shadow Pans or Palettes: What’s your poison??

Disclaimer: This is a picture heavy post. I’ll not be held responsible for the envy induced by this post and the stress this post will have on anyone’s husband’s pocket.

Hehehehehe kidding!! 😛

Admit it! We can never have enough eye shadows!!!  😀

The more you buy the more you crave. I love collecting eye shadow palettes. At present I own around 9 palettes, a few single ones and a couple of stacks of mineral eye shadow. I prefer to buy palettes. Reason?? Well, first of all you get an array of colors in just one palette. Quite travel friendly, eh? Secondly, I don’t know about you but I could never finish off single eye shadow pans. Few days back, I’d to throw a couple I bought on my wedding because they expired 😥 *Sob* It hurts so much when you have to throw any makeup away because it expires *Sob*

Anyway, back to the topic.

Makeup addict or not, palettes are a must in everyone’s vanity. You can carry them around easily; they are value for money because you get good quantity of product for less money as compared to single eye shadow pans. For instance, Urban Decay’s single eye shadow cost around AED 79 but if you buy its palette say Dangerous palette you get 6 eyeshades for the cost of AED 193. If you calculate then each shadow costs around AED 32 A total Value for money!! 😀

I think instead of buying a single eye shadow you should save and invest in a palette. I always do that. I lately bought Toofaced Be Bright & Merry palette for AED 229. It has two separate palettes and one mascara. Each palette has 6 eye shadows, 1 blush and 1 bronzer or highlighter. Isn’t it amazing????

I’ll ALWAYS prefer buying palettes instead of single eye shadows because I get a variety of eye shadows to play with. As soon as I see or get a new palette I start thinking of the diverse makeup looks I can create with it. Palettes bring out the best in me 😛 and make me a happy kitten 😀

This is my eye shadow collection: I’m a newbie in makeup and I hope it amplifies gradually 🙂


DSCN8220-004 DSCN8222-004DSCN8246-002DSCN8241-002DSCN8229-002DSCN8224-001DSCN8230-002DSCN8232-001DSCN8235-002DSCN8239-002DSCN8234-002DSCN8237-001

Few days ago, I saw my beloved Urban Decay launch a new bright colored Electric palette. I was fanatical!!! I need to have this!! I saved for it and now it’s on its way to me!!! Yayyyy!!! 😀 😀

I’ll share the pictures as soon as I get my talons on it!! Hihihihihihi 😀 😀

For me palettes are always way better than single eye shadows.

What do you prefer? Single eye shadows pans or palettes?

Do share your opinion. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂



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