Cozy Winter Tag…

First of all I want to thank Irene from DrabztoFab for tagging me in her Cozy Winter Tag post. She’s a great blogger. She tagged me a long time back. I didn’t know I was tagged as I didn’t get any notification about it. So I’m quite late in responding to the tag.

I like winters but I’m more of an Autumn or Spring person. And I hate, I mean HATE Summers!! Give me cold over heat anytime! 😀

So here are the questions and my answers to them:

1. Your favorite winter beauty routine?

Winters in Dubai are not so cold. But in India, it too cold in winters and I never left my bed unless it was a matter of food 😛

There’s not much of a beauty routine for me in winters because I don’t feel like coming out of my blankets. Hihihihi 😀 But there’s one thing I did religiously when I was in India.

It was to apply a concoction made by my mom to face, feet and hands. She used to apply it to our faces when we were kids. I remember she used to do this when we were asleep because we wouldn’t let her put that lotion on our faces when we are awake 😛

It’s her own concoction – equal parts of glycerin, rose water and lemon juice. It’s a great moisturizer and protects the skin from harsh winter conditions and keeps it soft and supple.

2. Your favorite winter lip product?

If you read the last post on my blog you’d know that I love lip balms. When I was back in India it was Nivea’s and Avon’s lip balms. My current favorites are Maybelline’s Baby Lips and Eucerin lip balm

DSCN0028-004 DSCN0054-003DSCN4871-001Maybelline Baby Lips in Quenched

As for the lipsticks, there are no special lipsticks for winter. I wear what I like anytime I like. I sometimes wear lipstick at home when I’m alone just because I feel like wearing it 😀 I like bright and bold colors. Bright red, pink or coral can light any grey winter day. My current favorites are Urban Decay’s Revolution lipsticksTurn on (Cool Pink) and Lovelight (Natural with slight shimmer)

DSCN7051-002Urban Decay Turn OnDSCN7070-002Urban Decay Lovelight

and Revlon Super Lustrous LipsticksPink In The Afternoon and Kiss me coral.

DSCN9047-002Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink in The Afternoon and Kiss Me Coral

They all are such gorgeous colors!!

3. Your favorite winter nail polish?

The last time I wore nail paint was on my wedding 2 years and 3 months ago. 😛 I like my nails short (because I’m a cleanliness freak) and devoid of any paint. I clip them every week 🙂 But since I need to choose a shade so I’d go for French manicure  or nude nail paints because they always look good and are not going to go out of fashion anytime sooner. This is an old pic of mine –


4. Dark lips or winged eye liner?

I usually just line my lower lash line and water line. I wore winged liner just a couple of times and that too for my blog. But I don’t like dark lips. They give me a corpse like look. I look good in bright and light shades. So I’d pick winged eye liner over dark lips.

I wore winged eye liner for this tutorial:


5. Your favorite winter clothing?

I got this cardigan from Max one year back. And I love it!

DSCN9821-003This year I searched a lot of stores to find a sweater or jacket but didn’t find anything that would caught my eye instantly. My favorite winter clothing is this Max cardigan and this maroon top from New Yorker.


6. Your favorite winter accessory?

Rings and earrings!!! They will always be my favorite accessories all year round. I love dangling earrings because they look good on me 😀

DSCN9859-001DSCN9841-002 DSCN9843-004
DSCN9838-003Few days back I was browsing Aldo’s store and came across these gorgeous studs and I loved them instantly!!!


7. Your favorite winter comfort food?

Ice cream! Ice cream is my comfort food. I could eat tons of ice cream irrespective of the season. 😀

8. Your favorite winter beverage?

Coffee, Coffee aaannnnnnndddddddd COFFEE!!! Hehehehehehe 😀 Nothing beats a foamy coffee sprinkled with chocolate powder!  


9. Your favorite winter scent/candle?

I love lavender!! Its smells heavenly!! I love musky and sensual smells as well. My favorite perfumes are Light Blue from Dole & Gabbana and Nijood oil perfume From Nabeel perfumes (Psst. My Hubby’s name is Nabeel as well :D). These days I’m loving more than a couple of perfumes –

  • Najma from Nayomi. I won it in a competition :D. It’s floral and fruity. I don’t usually like these kinds of fragrance but it grew on me. 😀
  • DKNY Limited Edition Heart Perfume. My brother-in-law Nihad Bhai gifted me this on my birthday! He the coolest brother-in-law 🙂
  • Maliha oil perfume from Nabeel perfumes. Actually my husband bought it for himself but I nick it now and then 😀
  • Cuba Jungle-Zebra Perfume which I bought from England Pavilion in Global Village.


10. Your favorite winter memory?

Sorry, I racked my brains and couldn’t come up with any :p 

11. Your favorite winter decoration?

I like Christmas decorations all over Dubai.

12. Your favorite winter/holiday movie?

There isn’t just one holiday movie! There are tons!!! But I’ll name some here. Mind you they don’t even scratch the surface!!

  • A Christmas Carol (you knew this was going to be on top of the list :D)
  • The Holiday
  • Arthur Christmas (Yes I admit it proudly I love animated movies and will love them till my last breath 😀 )
  • Elf
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Rise of the Guardians
  • Love Actually

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this post and taking these pictures. Thank you so much Irene for tagging me in this post. I’m going to tag my sister-in-law Eram Rasool in turn who’s also a blogger. You can check her blog here – SimplyEramSpeaks

Pass along this Eram Appi 🙂




4 thoughts on “Cozy Winter Tag…

  1. Hey there… Finally I got to read it… Thanks for doing the tag and its a very impressive post… I used to use that concoction too : the glycerin and rose water… helped a lot with my eczema…


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