January Glambox or you can call it The Goodies Glambox!!!

Glambox is two years old now!! Happy Birthday Glambox!! I wish you keep bringing us awesomeness in those pink boxes!! Getting samples in the box means you don’t have to buy any product at full price. If you like the product you can always buy it and if you don’t then there’s no harm done. For AED 80 (or less because of the discounts) per month Glambox comes as a boon to those who like trying new products without being heavy on their pockets.

So I finally got my January Glambox  4 days back. I’d to call the courier company because it was dispatched one week before and didn’t reach me. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this month’s Glambox because I’d seen the trailer earlier and it was full of goodies 😀 

DSCN8728-001 DSCN8730-001 DSCN8734-001

Unlike the previous month’s Glambox, I wasn’t disappointed with this month’s at all.

There are total 6 products: 3 samples and 2 full sized products. The sixth one comes as a gift from Glambox 😀

DSCN8736-001 DSCN8751-002

1. Jeanne Lavin Couture Perfume (Sample)

2. Pond’s Whitening BB Cream (Full size)

3. Biokosma Foot Care Gel (Sample)

4. Jergens Hydrating Coconut Milk Body Cream (Sample)

5. Nstyle nail paint in Tusk (Full size)

6. Glambox Kabuki Brush

1. Jeanne Lavin Couture Perfume: I’m keeping the review of this perfume short because I’m thinking of reviewing it later separately. This comes in a cute little violet bottle. This is purely a feminine fragrance. Its top note is of raspberry. I love raspberry in general but I wouldn’t want to wear it, would I? I debated a long time about this. I mean I didn’t like it when I opened the bottle. Then I applied it to my wrist and inhaled it. It transformed from being sweet to something more sophisticated!! It’s fruity, fresh, floral and has a strong blend of musk and wood. I must admit it’s starting to grow on me. The 50ml bottle is priced at AED 250. I might, might purchase it.

DSCN8765-002 DSCN8781-002

 I’m Happy 😀

2. Pond’s Flawless White Expert BB+ Cream: About time I got this!  I was finished with my Loreal’s BB cream and was about to buy another one. I’ve used this thrice now and I really liked it. It’s clinically proven to lighten skin tone and reduce dark spots in seven days. Let’s see how it works on me 🙂

DSCN8848-002 DSCN8758-001

Still Happy 😀

3. Biokosma Foot Care Gel: Biokosma is a Swiss skin and hair care brand. This is the first time I’ve heard of this brand.  Its smell is a strong blend of mint and pine which is not at all bothersome. In fact it smells exactly Polo 🙂 It’s refreshing and makes my foot smooth without being greasy. It’s retailed at AED 270. Quite expensive for a foot cream! Isn’t it?? I really liked it and would buy again if they would bring down the price 😛


Still Happy 😀

4. Jergens Hydrating Coconut Milk Body Cream: I’ve never used Jergens products till now. I’d never have bought this body cream mainly because I don’t like the coconut scent. Period.  Anyway this is a moisturizing and very sweet smelling body cream. Initial notes were of coconut which subsided gradually and made way for more lingering sugary smell. Not my thing!  I won’t be buying this even someone put a gun to my head. No siree! I’ll take the bullet anytime instead of dipping myself in such a coconutty smell!! 😛 But people who have dry skin and like coconut smell, will love this body cream. It does make skin smooth but it’s smell..aarrggghhh!! It’s priced at AED 9.17 for 100ml. 


No-So-Happy 😦

5. Nstyle nail paint in Tusk: There was a time during my graduation when you wouldn’t have seen my bare nails. I was a nail paint addict at that time. I tried each and every color that was in the market- bright, bold, and natural, you name it. It’s been a long time since I’ve painted my nails. It doesn’t hold that much charm for me now as I prefer bare nails over painted ones. But I really adore this shade. It’s a glossy ivory color. I won’t be using this. Right now my youngest sister’s heavy into painting her nails so this is going to be a gift for her. For you Saima :-*

DSCN8802-002 DSCN8809-003 DSCN8819-002

Pretty Happy 😀

6. Glambox Kabuki Brush: This came as a pleasant and welcome surprise. This is actually a gift from Glambox on occasion of their Second Birthday. I really love the dual coloured and soft bristles and metallic purple coloured handle. It’s ideal for applying powder.

DSCN8791-002 DSCN8798-003

Ecstatic 😀

Besides these there are following coupons as well:

1. A Blow Dry(for women) from N style nail lounge


2. A Hair Cut (For men) from Urban Male Lounge



So this is what I got in January Glambox. I’m entirely pleased with it 😀


Did you like what you got in your box?? I’d love if you share your views with me 🙂

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