Sephora’s Awesome And Not-So-Awesome Shopping Experience…

I probably didn’t tell you my makeup shopping indulgences back in October when my hubby’s cousin was getting engaged. Finally there was an occasion on which I could buy more than one makeup product at a time after my wedding. I didn’t waste time and headed straight to Mall Of The EmiratesSephora (before Mr. N could change his mind 😛 ). I bought more than a few makeup products from there. Sephora’s Foundation, Benefit primer, highlighter, Erase paste, lip tint and mascara and some makeup tools.

I wanted to try the Urban Decay foundation but it turned out to be too sheer than what I was looking for. So a SA (quite formidable, looked like she was going to strangle me if I don’t buy Sephora’s products) showed me this Sephora’s 10 hour wear foundation. She even applied it on my face. It looked quite good so I bought it. She even put Sephora’s primer in my basket.

After that I went to the Benefit counter, the SA there was quite sweet. I even remember her name. She was Cherry. When I said I wanted to buy Benefit primer she looked at my basket and saw Sephora’s primer and said you’re buying this? I said no, I want Benefit’s. She looked almost frightened. She said Sephora’s SA was going to kill her if I replaced Sephora’s primer with the Benefit one and that she would report her for stealing her customer.

What????Stealing??? Are you kidding me?? What was going on??? Why should I be forced to buy something I don’t want?

So I bought Benefit’s primer. The SA from Sephora’s was looking daggers at both of us. You should have seen Cherry. She was positively trembling! She asked me to tell that SA that I already know about Benefit and Cherry didn’t persuade me to buy from her. I said okay and told her that. Still the Sephora’s SA looked furious. Then Cherry asked me to talk to her supervisor and tell her about this incident because she was afraid of that SA. I did the same.

So I bought my things and as I was going out of the store I saw Cherry crying. Poor soul! My heart went out to her. I tried to console her by telling her that I did what she wanted me to. She said she was okay grateful. I left hoping the matter was resolved.

The day after that I took out all my products to take their picture for my blog. Benefit’s primer turned out to be broken and they had given me wrong shade of Erase paste and foundation.

I went back to Sehora again to exchange them. This time I didn’t see Cherry around. I wonder what happened to her. Did she get fired because of that incident? I sincerely hope not.

So they exchanged erase paste and primer that too after quite an inquiry as to why I was taking out the whole stick of the primer out. I told them about my blog. This time the Benefit’s SA was someone else and she kept on insisting that this never happened before as if I’d deliberately done this X-(  I really was starting to get annoyed. Even as she was saying this two other primers turned out to be broken and finally (Thank God!) the third one was intact and about time as I couldn’t take her ‘This never happened before’ chatter anymore.

Then they but refused to exchange the foundation because they said I’d broken the seal and used the foundation. But I only used it once and found that it was a tad bit darker for me. I told them so but they still didn’t exchange it. I was so disappointed and furious but there was nothing I could do.

My sister-in-law usually goes to Sephora at Deira City Centre. She told me the SAs there were quite friendly. But on that trip to MOE’s Sephora, I didn’t find them quite friendly.

Later Sephora Middle East shared the same foundation’s picture on their Facebook page. I commented on it and told them of the incident. They assured me that someone will contact me shortly to sort it out. And with a week I got a mail from them apologizing for their mistake and asking me to bring the said foundation to their store to have it exchanged.

So few days back I went to MOE’s Sephora and got my foundation exchanged. What’s more, I got a Dolce & Gabbana’s The One Cosmetics Brush, Jewelry Bag free because of the inconvenience this incident had caused me.

DSCN8219-001DSCN8242-001 DSCN8245-001 DSCN8261-001 DSCN8263-001 DSCN8254-001 DSCN8257-001

It’s so beautiful. Thank you so much Sephora. I’d resigned to let that foundation dwell in some corner of my vanity but Sephora changed that by letting me exchange it when I’d lost all hope of ever using that foundation again.

Thanks again Sephora for your customer service. They sure know how to make their customers happy. They surely made me happy!!! 😀 😀 😀 So happy that I went back there again couple of days back to buy much coveted (by me :D) Urban Decay’s Vice 2 palette!! This time the SA was quite friendly as well 🙂

What’s your experience with Sephora?? Do let me know.



4 thoughts on “Sephora’s Awesome And Not-So-Awesome Shopping Experience…

  1. MOE’s Sephora is the only one that I have not been to as yet and after your experience I really want to go and see that stupid SA. Most of Sephora SAs are very sweet and helpful. So nice that you got your foundation exchanged. I wish they would follow exchange policy as is applicable in the West. Oh and I dint know Vice 2 got released here. Didnt see it recently. How much is it here?


    1. I didn’t see either of them in my recent visit and the SA was nice this time. I thought you got that palette from Sephora. Its AED 265 here. And revolution lipsticks are also available for AED 115.


  2. Vice 2 for 265 is not bad considering it was in LookFantastic for 240 n i saw the lipsticks here in dcc for 155 but if its 115 thn thts much better as its for 90 only online


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