My First Glambox : December 2013 Glambox

I’ve heard a lot about Beauty Boxes but never dared to subscribe one. I was afraid of wasting money in case I don’t like the products I get. That was a couple of years ago. I came across when I scouring the internet for information about cosmetics and makeup before getting married (as I was a novice back then).

When I came to Dubai one year ago (it’s been one year!!!! Wow!!!! Where did the time go!!!) I’d completely forgotten about it. Then few days I was casually going though the internet for something (I can’t recall what it was) and I came across the site once again. This time I dared and signed up on the site.

What attracted me most was the Beauty Profile I got to fill so that I may get the products according to my preferences.

So finally I took 3-months subscription of Glambox (lowest subscription available). I ordered on December 12 and my first December Glambox found its way to me one week later 🙂

I got 10% off on my first order (discount for signing up) so the subscription which was supposed to be AED 239 cost me AED 203.15 instead. Since I’d opted for cash on delivery, so I’d to pay additional charge of AED 15 and the total became AED 218.15. Still less than the total subscription amount 😀 It made me very happy 😀 😀

My package came via Aramex. It was packed in a red Aramax plastic bag. The Glambox was beige-colored and was in another pink-colored box.


There were total 5 products (2 full-sized and 3 samples) and 2 coupons in December Glambox:

1. Inglot lipstick 215

2. Lolita Lempicka Elle L’aime Eau du Parfum

3. Eucerin AQUAporin Active moisturising eye cream

4. Eucerin lip balm

5. Nivea Smooth Sensation Body Lotion




1. Inglot lipstick 215: I was supposed to get either Inglot Freedom AMC Eye Shadow Square or Inglot Lipstick and I got Inglot lipstick. How I wish I’d gotten the eye shadow 😦


 I always prefer pink or red shade in lipsticks but the one I got was Rosy Brown. Anyway it’s still good. This is my first Inglot product. It’s a beautiful shade but I don’t think I’d be using this as I don’t wear this color. This is going to be a gift for my sister 🙂

2. Lolita Lempicka Elle L’aime Eau du Parfum: This is a sweet smelling fragrance. It comes in an elegant transparent bottle with gold detailing. As soon as I opened it I got a whiff of lemony scent which gradually subsided and gave way to more lingering floral smell with hints of vanilla and coconut. This is a remarkable perfume. It impressed me. ME- who only prefer tangy, woody and musky fragrance 😀


3. Eucerin Eucerin AQUAporin Active moisturising eye cream: This is my first product from the brand. It’s fragrance free and has a very light texture. Only time will tell how does it fare. At present I’m using Olay under eye cream so I’ll try this when I’m finish with my Olay cream.


4. Eucerin Lip Balm: Getting a lip balm always makes me happy. I love lip balms and they are always in my handbag 🙂 I love Maybelline’s Baby lips lip balm. This one looks promising as well. It’s smooth and nourishing. I’m happy 😀 😀


5. Nivea Smooth Sensation Body Lotion: I love Nivea’s body lotions though I’ve never tried this as I don’t have dry skin. My favorite is Nivea Sensual Musk body lotion. It’s superb. I just looooooooooooove it!
I can’t say the same for this lotion. I don’t really like its smell. It’s too sweet smelling for my taste 😦
It’s going straight to my handbag to be used as a hand lotion.


Besides these I got  two vouchers as well:

1. AED 100 voucher to shop on valid till January 29, 2014. I was going to order hair brush with this coupon but I saw on Glambox’s Facebook page that we can only spend it on Heating tools. Too bad 😦 I don’t usually curl my hair and I already own a Philips curler.


2. A voucher to receive a complimentary Visia Complexion Analysis from I have yet to go there. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Last Word:

So this is what I got in my first Glambox. I’ve mixed feeling about this one. I got some awesome products and some not-so-awesome products.

They did ask me to fill my beauty profile and yet I didn’t get the products according to it. I still wish they had sent me a pink or red lipstick or an eye shadow. Overall I’m Okay with December Glambox. I wish they would send more makeup next time. I just wish January Glambox would bowl me over.

So, all things considered, Glambox is totally worth the money you spend on it!

Have you subscribed to Glambox? How’s your experience with it?

If you haven’t yet subscribed then you can sign up on



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