Boots Simply Sensitive Eye Make-up Remover : An Insight

I don’t usually go out much but whenever I do I always wear makeup. I love wearing makeup.  So after coming back I make sure to remove all traces of makeup from my face and eyes before sleeping.  Be sure to make this a habit in order to get a problem free and younger looking skin because sleeping with makeup on takes away years from our faces.

I like to try out new eye makeup removers every time I finish the one I’d been using. The last makeup remover I used was Johnson and Johnson’s bi-phase eye makeup remover. I don’t have anything good to say about it. It stung like crazy and I was glad I bought a small bottle of it.

Boots Simply Sensitive Eye Make-up Remover is latest I tried. Actually I went to buy another eye makeup remover from boots but since it wasn’t in the stock I bought this one instead.


Price : AED 20


It comes in a white see-through white plastic bottle with green cap. When I first saw it I thought it was a water-based remover. Later I found out it was an oil-based remover (I didn’t read the ingredients at that time as I was running late). I don’t usually like oil-based removers because they leave so much oil on face that it becomes mandatory to wash the face which sometimes (usually after a late night) is pretty tiresome.


“Eye makeup remover with soothing aloe vera, no fragrance, no color, hypo-allergic, dermatologically tested”

That’s what written on the bottle of Boots Simply Sensitive Eye Make-up Remover. Sounds too good??

Remember what we were taught in our childhood? That if something sounds too good to be true, it most probably is.

When I first used this to remove my makeup, I ended up having oil and smeared eye makeup on my face. I was like –  What the heck!!! This product was super greasy and made everything so messy!! I tried hard not to apply it anywhere except the eyes and yet it spread and got everywhere. I hated it right then and there. I resolved not to buy it again. This is definitely not the product I would be reaching for if I want to correct any mistake while doing my makeup. I’d use a moisturizer instead because using this would mess up the makeup badly.

It left heavy greasy residue (a mixture of oil and makeup) across my eyes and face (Mineral oil being the main culprit) It felt very unpleasant and had to be cleansed straight away which in turn took more time.

Since its oil-based it’s perfect for removing water proof makeup. And because it’s so oily, it got into my eyes and everything became a blur. I tried to blink several times and still couldn’t shake that oily film from my eyes. I finally gave up and kept on removing makeup even though I can barely see though my foggy eyes.

But it didn’t sting!! I have moderately sensitive eyes and it was in my eyes and it didn’t tingle! Not even the slightest!! So I guess this would be gentle for people who have sensitive eyes.

However, it does remove makeup effectively.

I stopped using it because of the oiliness. Then some days back I used it again and I was surprised to find that all my qualms about it were unfounded. I used too much product the first time that’s why there was so mess.

The makeup remover itself becomes a bit dry if you take very little amount of it on a cotton pad. That’s what I did the first time and because of it ended up with a lot of the product on the pad than required which created all the mess.

This time I did it another way.

I took out a sufficient amount on a cotton pad and held it against my eye for few seconds and then swept away.  It doesn’t remove all makeup in one go. You have to repeat it. If you don’t hold it for few seconds then you have to slightly rub the product to remove the makeup.

After using this I used my Clean and Clear makeup remover on face and I was surprised to find that I don’t have to wash my face afterwards. Boots makeup remover took away all the makeup from my eyes. There was no residue left!! And my face wasn’t all that oily!!


This is the best gentle makeup remover I’ve come across. Except for its oiliness it’s amazing!



Swatches :


First GoDSCN0066-003Second GoDSCN0068-002Third Go

Reasons to pick this :

  • Reasonable price.
  • Removes makeup effectively.
  • Not irritating.
  • Mild formula.
  • Gentle on eyes.

Reasons to steer clear of it :

  • Spreads all over the skin (if not used properly).
  • Super greasy.

 Even though it works great at removing makeup I won’t be purchasing it again. I’ll look for some other makeup remover. I just can’t stand the feel of oil on my face.  I completely regret buying this product. If you don’t mind using oil-based removers then you should go for it otherwise just steer clear of it.

This is what I’d written the first time. And now my views have completely changed!! I’m glad I didn’t post its review earlier.

This is an amazing product for removing eye makeup. Fair priced, gentle and efficient. I highly recommend it!! This works on all types of skin. I really liked this product. I might buy it again or I might some try some other makeup remover from Boots or any other brand because life’s too short to stick to one brand, right?  😀

Did you try this? Let me know how did you find it?



Availability : Boots store in Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Batutta Mall, Dubai Marina Mall, The Dubai Mall, Deira City Centre, Arabian Centre, Burjuman Centre, Business Hub, DIFC, Dubai Festival City, Wafi Mall, Oasis Centre, Dubai Motor City, Mirdif City Centre, Lamcy Plaza, and all over Dubai and other Emirates.

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