There’s No Dhoom in Dhoom 3 : A detailed insight

To say Dhoom 3 was the most anticipated movie of the year for me would be an understatement. I loved the previous two movies and was eager to see what new and exciting story they were going to reveal this time.

Finally that fateful ( or unfortunate?? :p )day came when Mr. N and I went to see the movie 😀

I was so excited!! I was going to watch Dhoom 3!!!


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The movie commenced *Drum rolls* Dhan Dhan Dhan Dhan!!!!

All that excitement started to diminish within 15 minutes into the movie. Don’t be disheartened!! I told myself. It’s only the beginning; the movie will pick its pace. I waited and waited still the same slow pace.

So, the story goes –

Iqbal khan (Jackie Shroff) took a loan from the Western Bank of Chicago in order to keep his circus on foot but fails to keep up the payment and in the last attempt to impress the banker Mr. Anderson (Andrew Bicknell) he organized a special show for him to make him see how good his circus was. But Mr. Anderson wasn’t impressed and asked him to handover everything and leave the place. Iqbal Khan’s spirit was shattered and he commits suicide leaving his 12 year old child Sahir Khan (Siddharth Nigam) to tend for himself.

Now at this time I was questioning the so called devoted father who left his child orphaned at this tender age just because he couldn’t keep his circus. *Rolls eyes*

Vijay Krishna Acharya (Writer) should have given a more plausible reason for the suicide. I mean What the heck!!!! The circus was more important than your own child!!!

Anyway, Sahir khan (Aamir Khan) grows up with the resolve to avenge his father’s death. To carry out his revenge, he started robbing branch after branch of the bank in order to shut it down completely and bankrupt Mr. Anderson. At every robbery site he leaves this message behind- “Bank walon tumhari aisi ki taisi.”

Here comes the most ridiculous logic of Mr. Vijay Acharya ( The writer, remember??)

Since the thief was leaving a message in hindi, the Chicago police must call for Mumbai Police’s help!!!

What!! What!!! What!!!

Yeah! You heard it!! Our own desi Mumbai police was more efficient than Chicago police 😛 😛

Yeah!  you can fall off your seat laughing hard! Hihihihihihi 😛

Give me a moment to compose myself Hahahahahaha, Wait! Yeah I’m okay… Hihihihihi 😛

Phew!!! Anyway, back to the movie!

Now this slot calls for the entry of  *Drum Roll*

Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan)!!!! Our own James Bond ( 😛 ) and his side kick Ali (Uday Chopra).

Dhoom series is Abhishek Bachchan’s and Uday Chopra’s bread and butter. I wonder if Yash Raj Banner stops making Dhoom series what will become of them!!! Yeah!! You, too ponder over it!!

In the meantime let me again get back to the movie.

Aamir Khan’s talents got utterly wasted in this movie. I never thought I would question Aamir Khan’s choice in the movies but this movie really made me rethink. He looked really hot, though 😉 His showing off his well chiseled body added to the glamour quotient of the movie. What a body, dude!!!!


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I wasn’t expecting anything from Uday Chopra but he delivered more than he’s capable of. His well timed comedy was really fun.

Katrina Kaif was the only actor who worked hard for the movie!!! What!!! No, I’m not kidding!!  

See, in her first scene she has to change her clothes 4 times and dance like she’d never danced before!! It’s a big feat to change clothes while dancing and that calls for real hard work 😛

But she danced splendidly and looked stunning at the same time 🙂 She only got few frames in the movie so she was bound to give it everything she had. She was only there for the songs and increasing the glamour quotient which she did wonderfully.

The action in the movie was good at some points and over the top at most of the times. The bike chase on more than one occasion was many things at the same time – too long, too boring, and too uneventful.

The special effects at times looked more like animation than reality.

The best part about the movie is its three songs – Kamli, Malang, and Dhoom Machale.

Hot Katrina Kaif in White Images

Katrina Kaif in the Song “Kamli”

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Aamir Khan in the Song “Malang”

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Aamir Khan in Malang Song in Dhoom 3

Aamir Khan in the Song “Malang”

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Malang Song from Dhoom 3 2013

Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif in the Song “Malang”

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Aamir with Katrina Kaif in Malang Song in Dhoom 3

Aamir Khan andKatrina Kaif in the Song “Malang”

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I admit listening to Dhoom Machale’s different versions doesn’t get boring. Ever. Period. I loved just these three songs rest of the songs are not even worthy of mentioning here.

‘Malang’ is a lavishly made song. The costumes, the sets, the makeup, everything is spectacular. I was ogling Aamir Khan’s body and Mr. N was ready to murder me with his eyes. I told him repeatedly ‘Aamir Khan has built up a magnificent body!!’ and his reaction was murderous!! Hihihihihihihihihihi 😀 😀

To conclude Dhoom 3 is just a onetime watch. But then again made for the masses of a country having 1.23 Billion population can make any movie a hit even if it’s a onetime watch. And that’s what happening to it. It’s a Hit!!!

What’s the world coming to!!! *Sigh*

Dhoom 3 is just an average revenge story. It would be okay if you don’t compare it to its predecessors. It has a lot of action (which didn’t impress me. What’s to say I’m hard to impress :D), glamour, special effects, beautiful locations, bike chase, all in all everything that might make an entertaining movie, except a good story line.

They introduced a twist in the movie but that’s for you to find out because I’m not going to say anything about it and make this movie more boring for you. But even that twist didn’t make up for all the faulty execution of the movie. It could have been better. 

Dhoom 3 is a movie which some may like and others may criticize and I’m with the latter.

Dhoom 3 was Huge Disappointment for me.

Starring: Aamir Khan,Jackie Shroff, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra 

Director: Vijay Krishna Acharya

Rating: 4 out of 10

Dhoom 3 is playing at the following cinemas in Dubai

Grand Cinemas (Wafi Mall, Dubai Festival City, Ibn Battuta Mall and Al Ghurair Centre)

Reel Cinemas (The Dubai Mall)

Vox Cinemas (Mall of the Emirates, Mirdif City Centre, Deira City Centre and Mercato Mall)



4 thoughts on “There’s No Dhoom in Dhoom 3 : A detailed insight

  1. I strongly agree with the review. I was excited & expecting that amir khan and whole team would be taking dhoom 3 to another level but but but….its all over i m not sure that we will see dhoom 4 😛 . They missed all robbery planning, how it was done and everythig (just like they showed in dhoom 2). mostly focus was on how the robber was getting off. it was quite boring. i only enjoyed 1 part where they disclosed that there were actually 2 twn brothers. Im still thinking what actually the maker was thinking. huhh 😀 anyways i wasted 2.5 hrs of my life.


    1. Dhoom 2 was the best in the series!! Really loved Hrithik Roshan. Aamir Khan just didn’t have the style and body language of a robber. Yeah it was boring 😦
      yep! I, too, wasted 2.5hrs ofmy life 😛


  2. Got to your blog through Irene of Drab3fabs….
    I really enjoyed reading through your posts.
    I whole heartedly agree with your opinions on Dhoom3. I was so excited about it and the trust everyone has on Amir’s choice of movies made it pakka that this would be a hit!!
    But you know the rest…really disappointing!


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