Mildew Green eyes clouded with Black : Tutorial

Almost a month since my last post! It feels like just moments ago I posted the last article. Boy! Time does fly swiftly.

Few days back I posted an eye makeup look (Mildew Green clouded with Black) on my Instagram promising to upload its tutorial soon. But later I got so much caught up in watching my favorite TV series that I almost forgot about that tutorial. Now nearly all the series had their mid-season finale so I thought to make use of my time by writing that promised tutorial.

Mildew Green eyes clouded with Black : Tutorial


This eye look is pretty easy to create. The most challenging part about this look is the eye liner part(Yep! My weakest point in makeup 😛 )

Let’s get started!!!

Follow these steps to create that look 🙂

Step 1 : Do your eye brows. I’ve already done my eyebrows. I’ll upload another tutorial for it.


Step 2 : Prepare your eyes for the makeup by applying any eyeshadow base. I used Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion.


Step 3 : Now apply any natural eye shadow all over the lid. I applied Naked shade from my Urban Decay Naked palette.


Step 4 : Take a black eyeliner and trace the crease with it and end it in a wing.  I used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil in Perversion.


Step 5 : This steps shows where the line should be drawn.

Step 6 : Take a pencil or smudge brush and smudge the line you made. Only smudge it in and over the crease avoiding the area below the crease.


Step 7 : Take a black eyeshadow in an angular brush and apply it on the smudged part. I used Serious shade from The balm Nude Tude palette.


Step 8 : Now take a brown shadow (Buck from Naked palette) and apply it over the smudged black shadow and blend.


Step 9 : With a flat eyeshadow brush apply some green eyeshadow ( Green from BH Cosmetics 88 Color matt eye shadow palette) all over the lid.


Step 10 : With the same brush apply a white or ivory eyeshadow ( Polyester Bride from Urban Decay Ammo 2 palette) in the tear duct and blend it.


Step 11 : Take a satin or shimmery light green eyeshadow (Mildew from Ammo 2 palette) with a flat brush and cover your whole lid with it.


Step 12 : Now this step is the trickiest of all. The eye lining part. You can use liquid or gel or pencil liner (whichever you are comfortable working with). I’m using a felt tip liner (My Blackest liner from Prestige) because I’m lousy with liquid or gel liner. I could not use it properly even if my life depended on it 😛 Using a felt tip liner gives me more control.

Now first make a line on the crease, i.e., trace the border of the black eye shadow to make it more prominent. After this line your upper lid very carefully and extend it at the outer corner of the eye into a wing. Be very patient while doing this. I wasn’t and it got on my lid and I’d to remove it and do that portion of the eye again.

In the inner corner of the eye, extend the liner forward towards tear duct very patiently and carefully 😀

Line your lower lash line with the same eyeliner and bringing it towards the upper extended liner, join both the lines to get a sharp beak-like point at the inner corner.


Step 13 : Apply mascara (Big Fatty Mascara from Urban Decay) and line your waterline with a black kohl or eye liner (Perversion from Urban Decay).


Step 14 : Take the same white/ivory shadow you used on the inner corner of the eye and apply it to your brow bone and blend.


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd you are done!!! Time to take some pictures and flaunting your look 😀 😀 😀



I made a collage of the tutorial as well.


Wasn’t it a piece of cake(ahem… except the lining part 😉 )???

Do tell how you like this tutorial.



Your comments make my day. I really love and appreciate when you take out time to comment on my posts and share what you think of them. I hope to keep on hearing from my readers. Thank you for stopping by :) XO, Samareen

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