Is this palette Dangerous enough??


I bought this palette a long time back but due to one thing or another couldn’t get to review this sooner.  

Urban Decay launched this palette along with two other as their Holiday 2012 Collection. Although this is not a new palette as UD has already launched it in the year 2011 but the shades it had then are not similar to the present one at all. You can read its review on

It would be accurate to say that UD relaunched this palette with new shades, packing and a new formula. I must admit this one looks way more chic than its earlier version.

The other two palettes are :

1. Fun Palette  (Review and swatches on

2. Feminine Palette (Review and swatches and  

Price : AED 193 from Sephora (Although in US its just $36)

Weight : Six 0.09g e or 0.03 US oz eyeshadow shades ; One 3.23ml e or 0.11 USfl oz Lip Junkie Lip Gloss

It comes in a glossy, zip-around rexine wallet-like compact with a mirror. If you go by looks then this palette is the least striking among the three and because of the shiny surface it gets dirty easily. But I’ve learned (by hard way :P) not to judge a book by its cover. So I went for this and I’m glad that I picked it.




Inside the compact, six eye shadows and a mini lip junkie gloss are lodged in a durable cardboard tray which is detachable. So when you’re done with the palette, the case can be used for storing small items, money or makeup. But here’s a catch. Since it’s magnetic so it would be prudent not to keep anything which can get damaged by magnetic field mainly credit cards (Darn! I know!! Before I remembered this, I was thinking about keeping my cards in it as well. It would have looked so chic *sigh*).


Anyway, back to the review.

Urban Decay Dangerous Palette contains six dazzling jewel toned eye shadows. This palette is perfect for creating smokey looks. It lacks a highlight shade; still it is the best palette among the three.



This palette has following shades :

1. Gravity : A muted purple shade with silver micro-glitter.

2. Loaded : An ebonized metallic forest green shade.

3. Evidence : A deep metallic navy blue shade.

4. Deeper : A medium metallic bronze shade.

5. Mushroom : A metallic silvery taupe shade.

6. Ace : A graphite-gray shade with a hint of blue shimmer.

7. Naked : A neutral pink lip gloss with soft pink shimmer.


(The size of Lip junkie gloss in comparison to NYX lip balm)

The price AED 193 ($36) for 6 shadows is just AMAZING!! I mean if you calculate then each shadow costs you around AED 32 ($6) while a single UD shadow’s price is somewhere between AED 80-90 ($18). Really!!!! Yep!! 😀 This is a total Value for money!! 😀

If you know Urban Decay then you know that all its eye shadows are richly pigmented, soft and smooth.

The pigmentation of all the eye shadows is excellent. Just a small amount is sufficient to achieve a soft or intense smokey look.

The texture is super soft and smooth. They are incredibly long-lasting. 

These eye shadow blends splendidly. All the shadows in the palette go together with each other so well that they can be effortlessly combined to attain diverse looks.

Though, the palette does look elegant, it doesn’t look dangerous at all. Its packing could have been way better. The Fun palette (Glittery Bright Teal with a gold octopus in the middle) and the Feminine palette (Worn-out looking Mauve case with hanging black lace and fishnet) exteriors are true to its name.

What were they thinking???? That we would cower in terror on the sight of simple white dagger on plain black background???? 😛 😛

Anyway, in terms of looks I like the Fun palette best 🙂

The Dangerous palette have 3 shades which are in Smoked palette as well – Loaded, Evidence and Mushroom. So if you already own Smoked palette, you might not need this one.

The Lip Junkie Gloss is in Naked shade which is neutral pink with rosy pink shimmer. The gloss is thick but not sticky with a strong minty smell and gives a shiny finish with slight color. It also gives a cooling sensation. I usually wear it over my nude pink lipsticks. It brightens up the lips.

Check out the swatches below:


(In Natural Light)DSCN0005-002

(In Flash)


Reasons to pick this :

  • Beautiful Jewel toned shades.
  • Value for money.
  • Chic packaging.
  • Versatile compact case.
  • Rich pigment and velvety texture.
  • Buttery smoothly eye shadows.
  • Adaptable shades.
  • Shadows blend effortlessly.
  • Longevity of shadows.
  • Cruelty free.
  • Travel friendly.

Reasons to steer clear of it :

  • No matte shades.
  • No applicator
  • Slight fallout (especially in one Gravity)

Will I be tempted with it again??

May be or I might buy Fun palette next. Because of their rich pigmentation so little product is sufficient so by the time they are finished, Urban Decay would come up with a new palette and I might go for them instead of these as I already have smoked palette. But whenever I’m out of these shades I’ll definitely buy the palette again.

Bottom line :

This palette is one time investment and entirely worth the price. You can create different looks with this palette. Eye shadows are of excellent quality and last longer. Moreover its compact so can be carried in your bag without any inconvenience. If you love smokey looks then you should definitely get this palette (not if you already own Smoked palette). You are going to love this. 

The Dangerous Palette is available for $36 at Sephora, Branded CosmeticsE-beautique and some other sites as well.


4 thoughts on “Is this palette Dangerous enough??

  1. Hey looks like an awesome palette but definitely not for those who’d prefer neutral any time of the day like moi…:) btw I subscribed for new posts by email but never got a notification when you put up this…


    1. Yeah it’s definitely an awesome palette! Swatch it next time you’re at sephora. Who knows you might end up buying it 😛
      I’ve no idea why you didn’t get any notification about this post. There might have been some glitch.


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