Makeup By Me…

I know I’ve been MIA for so long. It’s just that I don’t feel like writing anythings these days 😦 I don’t know why.

I thought why not share some pictures of the makeup I’d done instead of writing an article or a review. So here I’m sharing a few pictures with you all.

DSCN9899-001 DSCN94651.9-002 DSCN9808-001

DSCN7585-001 DSCN6181-004 DSCN5444-002 DSCN4207-001 DSCN2567-005 DSCN0749-004 DSCN6213-002

I’m planning to write tutorials for a couple of these looks.



7 thoughts on “Makeup By Me…

  1. Hello Samareen… I just discovered your blog… And boy am I happy to find a makeup junkie like myself… Please do checkout my blog which I just started.. Looking for your support…


Your comments make my day. I really love and appreciate when you take out time to comment on my posts and share what you think of them. I hope to keep on hearing from my readers. Thank you for stopping by :) XO, Samareen

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