Putting thebalm on my wounds…

Oh yes! I’m licking my wounds right now 😦 I didn’t get my naked palette. I thought I was finally getting the palette I’d been coveting for so long but I didn’t get it. I don’t know who’s responsible for this but my order didn’t reach me. At least the people at Lookfantastic.com were considerate enough and gave prompt replied to my emails. And now finally they sent me a mail notifying me that since my order didn’t reach me they are offering a refund of the entire amount which I’ll get within 4-5 working days. Bless you Lookfantastic for the refund but it means I won’t be getting my palette any time soon. But at least I will get the full refund but my friend at Simplyeram wasn’t so fortunate. She only got part refund when her order on Benefit cosmetics went amiss. 

Anyway, enough of my rants let me now enlighten you about my shopping experience with Thebalm.com.

I placed my order on 29th June, 2013 on Thebalm.com few days after I ordered on lookfantastic.com and I must say I’m very impressed with their express service. My order got delivered (Internationally) to me on 12th July, 2013! Yes! On 14th day!!! 😀  I have never used thebalm’s products before. What attracted me most towards them was the innovative and vintage packing of the balm’s products. Even the names of the products are one of a kind. I wanted to order everything on that site but have to content myself with a few things only (Blasted budget!!! X-( ).



I ordered the following products :

  • Nude Tude palette
  • Cheater Mascara


  • Put-A-Lid On Eyelid PrimerDSCN4931-001
  • Betty-lou-manizerDSCN4898-002DSCN4909-001
  • Instain blush in Swiss DotDSCN4989-001DSCN4998-001

Thebalm really lifted my heart after that unfortunate encounter with Lookfantastic.com I’m loving all these products 😀  I’ll post the review soon.



8 thoughts on “Putting thebalm on my wounds…

  1. Ooooo i love The Blm. The only reason i never ordered frm thm ws cz of high shipping rates. Love the nude tude palette. How is put a lid on it? Does it offer any coverage? N why u dint get mary lou manizer the highlighter. Very good i hv it


    1. The sipping is free if you order above $100 otherwise its $40. I’m not much of a highlighter person. I seldom highlight. I wanted to try the bronzer after reading rave reviews about it 🙂


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