An Unfortunate incident with

I love shopping online. Since I relocated to Dubai I’ve been looking for a good online shopping site here. So far I’d been disappointed as I can’t find as good online shopping site here as there are in India. Then one of my friends suggested this site

lookCourtesy :

She had already ordered from this site and was satisfied with their service. I explored this site and liked the layout and everything else. It stocked all the famous high-end brands. On top of that they were offering free worldwide delivery.  To my delight, I saw there was a discount on Urban Decay’s Naked palette. I’ve been saving for it for quite some time and when I saw the discount, I didn’t think twice and ordered it at once.

I placed my order on 18th June and got an email informing me that I’d get my order by or before 8th July. I was coming to my home country on 12th July for a month’s vacation. I was pretty happy thinking I’d get my order before that. But 8th July came and went and there was no sign of any package whatsoever.

I wrote to them and they said it takes 30 days to deliver an order internationally and asked me to notify them only if I don’t get my order by 18th July. On 12th I came to India (My home country). Since then I’d been calling my place to confirm whether my package has arrived or not. It hasn’t been delivered yet. I wrote to again and told them my plight. Their customer service is quite prompt. They apologized to me for the inconvenience I was facing and asked me to fill up the Non Receipt of Goods form they had sent, by hand and send it back either by email or post. They said they would either replace the goods or refund them.

Honestly I’m freaking out now. It was a rather costly order for me 😦

I sent that form today. They haven’t replied yet.

I was so looking forward to getting my hands on that palette 😦

Looks like I still have to wait for it. 😦

I’m in dire need of your prayers. Pray for me guys that I get my order undamaged and ASAP.



6 thoughts on “An Unfortunate incident with

  1. I know it’s been a while but could you please update me about the situation?

    I just placed an order with them and even though it’s only 11 pounds, I am kinda scared.


    1. Hey don’t worry. Look fantastic is a great site! When I didn’t get my order they sent me a form so that they can update their records and redespatch my order. Once I did that they re despatched my order which reached me within a month.


      1. Hi,

        I have placed an order and I am also lcoated in Dubai, UAE and it seems as though im getting the same response, please wait up until 30 days to lodge a complaint, its been 23 days surely it should be here by now.

        How long did it take to receive the product once you ordered exactly?


        1. I did not exactly receive my package after my complaint. Around after 1 and half months, they sent me a lost package form. I had to print it out, fill it by hand and send it back to them. After that they re-dispatched my order which reached me within 1 month. So in total it took around 3 months to get my order.
          How about you? Have you got your order yet?


  2. I also ordered from lookfantastic and its been a month and it shows that my shipment is in customs. I have enquired there and they say no such package has arrived. I contacted the website and asked them cargo information but they just send the same tracking number and its of no use. I am totally pissed. Do you have any idea about where to collect.


  3. I had a similar situation with them. I ordered 2 different products and after 2 weeks I emailed them to say there is an issue with the delivery and they told me to wait until 30days are over. So after 30days of my order, I got in touch with them, and then they realised the orders were all returned to the warehouse. Its been over 2 months and Im still struggling to get my refund from them.


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