Give Your Lashes A Boost With Prestige Total Intensity Beyond Lashes Mascara

I have a thing about eye makeup and it’s incomplete without mascara. I owned three mascaras – two black and one brown and I usually use both of them simultaneously. At times when I am too lazy to apply makeup 😛 , I just apply kohl and mascara and I’m done :D. Since the time I got married, mascara and kohl have been an essential part of my beauty regime. I might sometimes skip eye shadows but I never step out of my home without mascara and kohl. That’s right!!! I don’t !!! 😀

I was doing makeup the other day and when I applied mascara I noticed that the black one wasn’t giving me the desired result 😦  I tried to recall when I bought that mascara and I was like- Ohh My God!! It’s been months!! :O  I tell others to discard their mascara after 6 months (max) and my own was more than 6 months old!! Haw!!!!  It was high time that I assault Mr. N’s pocket (To his dismay :P) and get myself a new mascara  😉

This time the trip to Lifestyle was mandatory  😀 I went there and tried a number of mascara’s but couldn’t decide which one to buy. Then a sweet Sales Assistant came to my rescue (Bless her!!) She showed me this Total Intensity : Beyond Lashes Mascara from Prestige. Actually she swiped a couple of mascaras from the brand.  I went for this one because I liked the way it gave volume to my already mascara-clad lashes 🙂


I’ve already tried eyeliner pen and gel eye liner from Prestige. And I must say I’m pretty impressed with the brand. And to think that I’d never even heard of this brand before coming to Dubai.


There’s this whole range of Total Intensity from Prestige. It consists of Eyeliners, Eye shadows  Eye shadow Trios, Liquid Eyeliners and Mascara. I’ve bought eye liners and mascara from this range and I absolutely love them.

Total intensity- beyond lashes mascara comes in two variants : 

  • Jet Black
  • Molten Brown

Price : 39 AED

Quantity : 10.5 ml/ 0.36 fl oz



 This comes in a thick, black and sleek tube with a plastic wand.


The wand is unlike any other volumizing mascara’s wand I’ve seen. The bristles does have quite lot of spacing between them like other volumizing mascara’s wand (the more the space the more is the length) but the similarity between them ends here. The brush in this case is oversized and tapered (cone-shaped). The big brush might take some time to get accustomed to but once you do, it becomes very easy to work with it. It coats inner and outer lashes with no difficulty and its conical end is just right for the inner corner and bottom lashes. The beauties who have small eyes might find this big brush cumbersome to work with.


The formula is a thick and drier but extremely darkening one.  Just one coat is sufficient to get natural looking lashes.  A couple of more and you get black voluminous lashes. The formula is buildable so you can apply as many coats as you want to get the look you desire.


This mascara gives length, volume and intense dark color to your lashes with just a stroke.

I was getting so impressed with the mascara that I knew there had to be a catch. And there is. The SMELL!!  Its smell is horrible! It’s good that our eyes are so far from our noses or else I’d have to discard this mascara altogether 😛 (kidding!! I love this mascara! :D)

The result comes close to Maybelline’s Colossal mascara but the prestige one is still better. From the minute I first tried it, I knew it’s the one :D. I’m so obsessed with this!!   It makes my lashes deepest black and gives them intense volume. It stays soft all day, doesn’t clump or go brittle on me. It does flake slightly.

This is an amazing drugstore mascara which can be compared to high-end mascaras in quality.

Now I’m going to shut up and let the pictures do all the talking 😀


Bare Lashes

DSCN4149-002One Coat Of MascaraDSCN4162-002Multiple Coats of MascaraDSCN4159-002

 It stays put even in hot weather!  There’s NO smearing.

I wore this mascara here : 


Reasons to grab this :

  • Gives intense black color.
  • Adds prominent richness and definition to lashes.
  • Long-wearing.
  • Doesn’t clump.
  • Doesn’t smear or smudge.
  • Buildable formula.
  • Dramatic results can be achieved.
  • Coats Inner, upper and bottom lashes with ease.


Reasons to steer clear of it :

  • The Smell! Urggghhh!
  • Slight flaking
  • Not waterproof
  • Oversized brush

Bottom Line :

This is an awesome beauty bargain. You’re getting the high-end quality at drugstore price. If you are still contemplating about buying this mascara, I’d say just go and grab it! As soon as I finish this off I’m definitely repurchasing it. I’ll even try more mascaras from Prestige. I’m so impressed with the brand. I’m thinking of trying total intensity eye shadows next 🙂

Do you have this mascara? What do you think of it?

Samareen’s Rating : 4/5
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XOXO, Samareen

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