Guards Polo Club Hand Lotion : Bluebell & Lavender : An Insight

Admit it ladies, you all must have tons of lotions for face and body or at least a couple of them. But when was the last time you got anything for your hands? When was the last time they got any love from you?

Ahhhh…Can’t remember 😛

Same here 😛

Our hands go through a lot daily but still they are the last on our daily beauty regime. Even when we do think of them, we only apply any moisturizer meant for our face or body. We splurge hundreds on our makeup or face moisturizers, but when it comes to spending on hand lotions, we stop and think, is it necessary?

Well, it does!! Because our hands are our only body parts that show signs of ageing even before our face does!

Winters can be really harsh on our hands but we can’t ignore summers as in summers there’s too much heat and humidity that takes toll on our hands. It becomes extremely important to take care of our hands.

Some months back I bought Avon’s so soft hand cream but when I finished it, I didn’t get another one. I wanted to buy a new hand lotion for quite some time but due to one thing or another couldn’t get to it earlier. So a couple of weeks back, I went to Carrefour with the sole intention of buying a nice hand lotion. I was just looking through them, when my eyes caught a glimpse of this classy looking bottle peeking at me from the shelf. Since I’ve never seen this, it was mandatory to get on hands on it 😀


I took it, turned it and read the description and added it to my trolley among other things. There was another variant, too. It was Chamomile and wheatgerm but as I’m not a fan of chamomile fragrance I chose Lavender one instead because it’s my most favorite fragrance in the body care range.


This lotion was made by AFB under the license of Guards Polo Club. I googled about AFB and found out it stands for Alfred Frank & Bartlett. It’s a company manufacturing and distributing home,health and beauty and fashion products. This is the link to their site : Alfred Frank & Bartlett

This was the description there,

AFB, using the knowledge we have of both the health and beauty and licensing market, have launched a range of Eau de Toilette for both men and women under the exclusive British brand of Guards Polo Club which was founded in 1955 with HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, as president and is possibly the most famous polo club in the world. The Club and the fragrances symbolize heritage, prestige and glamour.

AFB have also launched a range of dry shampoos under our own brand Girlz Only.  This fantastic product is quick and easy to use and not only freshens your hair without the need for water, but also adds bounce and fragrance in a fraction of the time it would take a normal shampoo.

There was no mention of this lotion anywhere on their page. I rummaged around the internet and still didn’t find any reference or anything about this product. I wonder why there isn’t anything on the internet about this hand lotion.

Price : AED 18

Quantity : 250ml/ 8.8 fl oz

It comes in an elegant and chic see through plastic bottle with classy print and a pump.


As soon as I pumped it onto my palm, I got a whiff of sweet and overwhelming fragrance of lavender and something else. Since I have never smelled bluebells, I guess the other smell must be bluebells.



Mr. N didn’t like its fragrance at all. I admit I was a little disappointed at first. But after initial few seconds, the overwhelming smell left altogether and all I was left for was heavenly and uplifting smell of lavender. On top of it, it made my hands rather soft without making my palms greasy. I immediately like it. All those who love the smell of lavender, are going to like this for sure.

It is white in color with non-greasy and moderately thick consistency.


Although I’ve oily skin, the skin of my hands is normal and this lotion made them  silky-smooth and supple without any trace of greasiness. I love how easily this sank in. I rubbed some extra lotion onto my cuticles and it moisturized them pretty quickly. Yep! We all want a lotion that sinks in quick and keep our hands moisturized 😀

At times I have dry hands but not usually, so this worked well for me but I can’t say how it would fare with dry-skinned people. They would have to check it by themselves. Sorry guys can’t help you here as the skin of my hands is not dry.

In between personal care, preparing food, cleaning, doing dishes, etc., my hands gets a lot of washing. So they are nearly always robbed of their natural moisture. I reapplied this lotion after every time I washed my hands and saw the immediate difference. It always made my hands soft and smooth with a lingering delicious smell.

Some lotions are too greasy and take a lot of time to sink in and sometimes you even have to wipe your hands to put out that greasy feeling. But this lotion isn’t like that at all. You just need to take a small amount on your palms and work it on your hands for few seconds and you are done 🙂

DSCN2189-002DSCN2210-002The price is a bit steep for a hand lotion but the amount of product that you get at this price is great. Since the tiniest amount is sufficient for each application, it will last longer than any other less expensive one. This means your AED 18 will last for ages 😀

The only problem with the lotion is its bulky packaging which isn’t ideal for handbags. Because the pump packaging means we need to keep it on our bathroom shelf or on table (I always keep mine on my side table 😀 ) rather than in our handbags. I wish it comes in a tube version instead of pump so that I could carry it with me all the time.

Another thing that irked me is that it doesn’t have any sun protection. You can’t use it outside your home during day time.

Reasons to grab this :

  • Non-greasy
  • Absorbs real quickly
  • Elegant packaging
  • Heavenly smell
  • Makes hand soft and smooth

Reasons to steer clear of it :

  • Overwhelming smell (thought it dissipates after few seconds)
  • Non handbag-friendly packaging
  • No protection against sun

Bottom Line :

I must say I’m very happy with this lotion. I’ll buy this again as soon as I finish off this one. It would take quite some time as just a dollop of it is enough. I might even try that chamomile one 😀 If you’re in search of a hand lotion that sinks into hands in seconds, makes them soft and leaves a lingering scent, you should give this a try. Who knows it might become one of your favorite. It definitely became mine 😀

Samareen’s Rating : 4/5

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❤ Samareen

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