Have you seen Red Earth’s ‘Indian Lights’ yet?

Every woman and girl who love makeup must own at least two or more eye shadows.

They say it rightly – “A woman can never have enough makeup.”

and in my opinion, a woman (Read ME :D) can never have enough eye shadows 😀 I’m totally an eye shadow person 😀

Let me tell you about my latest impulsive buy. That fateful day, I visited Ibn Batutta Mall. As I usually check makeup in Lifestyle in any mall I visit :D, I checked the one there as well. All the makeup counters were same as those in other Lifestyles I’d previously visited with the exception of a new one – Red Earth. I’ve never heard of the brand. So obviously I was curious. I made a beeline to it. There were so many beauties on the display. But since I love eye shadows more than any other makeup 😀 , I checked the  Red Earth Illusion Lights Pro Beauty Eye Shadows first. To  my surprise they were so soft to touch and glided very easily. The swatch was quite pigmented as well. And to top it off, they were on sale!!! 😀 😀  I knew right then that I had to buy at least one of them. And I did!!  I bought Red Earth Illusion Lights Pro Beauty Eye Shadow in Indian Red. To tell you the truth it was quite a dilemma for me to choose a single shade. They were all so gorgeous. But I wanted to try just one in case I didn’t like it later.

Since I had never heard of the brand before, I googled it as soon as I came back and found a great deal about it.

This is how they describe their history on their website :


The Red Earth brand is born in Melbourne, Australia, 
launching with skin care and bath & body ranges.


Red Earth expands their range, 
opening stores throughout Australia.


Red Earth debuts the Colour Cosmetics range to suit Asian interest. 
Esprit acquires Red Earth.


Red Earth expands into Asia.


The original founders return the brand to Australia’s shores, with a fashion-forward 
aesthetic and accessible concept of The Red Earth Girl.


Courtsey :  Red Earth

Now coming back to the eye shadows,

To quote the website :
Shimmering shadows offer silky-smooth, blendable colour in a range of luminous shades.

“Illuminate your eyes with inspirational, high impact colour. Highly pigmented shades are infused with precious light-reflecting minerals for an awakening effect. Incredibly versatile, the silky-smooth formula can be applied dry for a sheer highlight or wet for bold, super-rich colour.”

I went through the eye shadows there but didn’t find the ones I saw in the mall here. There were other shades with slightly different packing. Mine was a transparent one while those on the website were black.

I searched some more and found out that only transparent packing were available throughout UAE.


Red Earth Illusion Lights Pro Beauty Eye Shadow : Indian Red

Price : I got it in a sale for AED 25 Although, their original price is somewhere between 35-40 AED.

Quantity : 1.5 g/0.053 Oz


P1130805-001Pot in comparison to Bourjois blush

It comes in a sturdy transparent plastic circular pot which is quite elegant as well as cute. It has a little mirror but no applicator (Honestly!! Who needs it anyway!!) On top there’s a silver disc with Red Earth stamped upon it. Although, when I’ve gone through their site I came to know that Red Earth have now discontinued this packaging. They now come in sturdy matte black color with a transparent top. They even changed the names of the eye shadows. I couldn’t find the one I bought there.The closest color to Indian Lights was Forever & Ever.


The following gorgeous shades were available on the site :

  • Snow Queen
  • Forever & Ever
  • Pink Tonic
  • Stormy Night
  • Star Light
  • IcedBrownie
  • Havana Nights
  • Cleopatra
  • Grey Flannel

 When I first opened this eye shadow, I saw a notch in the side of the pan. I thought it to be a manufacturing defect. But when I put my finger in it the pan seemed to move. I tried it again and the pan came out. There was a small round magnet in the center of the compact and the metal eye shadow pan was embedded in it. I didn’t even realize I could de-pot this until then. You can buy an empty palette and put all your favorite shades together in it and then there will be no need to unnecessarily carry many single eye shadows.



You can tell about the quality of the eye shadow just by touching it with bare fingers. It’s amazingly soft and velvety to touch and the application is smooth.

Indian Lights is a beautiful complex rose gold color with a slight hint of pink/orange. It’s an extremely soft, velvety, smooth, richly pigmented and has the most wonderful shimmer.  It gives a smooth satin finish and wears well on my oily lids. The thing that’s most impressing about it, is the softness and the richness of the eye shadow.





Since this eye shadow is so highly pigmented, I don’t think people who love natural makeup will like it much. But those (Like me :D) who like to play with colors will love it!!

Its WYSWYG with this eye shadow, What you see in the pan is what you get on your lids 🙂 

P1130836-001P1130834-001Under direct sunlight

It’s so easy to work with this eye shadow, it blends so easily. I love absolutely everything about it – the look, the application, everything 😀  

Swatches : 


Under direct sunlight


Under Flash


Under flash of another cam





4 (1-4 : Under Natural Light)

Although in swatches it looks like its quite shimmery, but in reality it is not that shimmery. There’s some shimmer but it’s quite subtle. I admit I was rather apprehensive when I first applied it as it was an unknown brand to me but I wasn’t expecting such good results at this price. It totally exceeded my expectations 🙂 and I’m Glad that I bought this 🙂

It can be worn during daytime as well as in the night. Since the shimmer is extremely fine and the texture is very soft, you’ll have absolutely no problem in carrying this off during day time.


The color is absolutely gorgeous but my cam isn’t picking up the exact color 😦 I wish I’d my Nikon cam but it isn’t yet fixed 😦

I’m so impressed by this brand that I’d surely try its other products. 

The staying power of the shadow is good as well. It stayed on my lids for hours without smudging or fading much. It does has a slight fall out but its too minimal to consider.

Reasons to grab this :

  • Superb quality
  • Beautiful shade
  • Amazingly rich pigmentation
  • Buttery Smooth Texture
  • Super soft and Satiny finish
  • Other variants are stunning as well
  • Easy on pocket
  • Elegant packaging
  • Easy availability
  • Subtle and marvelous shimmer
  • Blends like dream
  • Effortless portability
  • Does not smudge, crease or fade for hours
  • Staying power is fabulous

Reasons to steer clear of it :

If you like matt shades then this is not for you as it has some shimmer. 

Bottom Line:

I say grab it if you want an affordable and extremely good quality eye shadow!!! I’m planning to buy some more shades in the range as all the shades are gorgeous. It’s a must have if you are an eye shadow lover. I absolutely ❤ this. They are incredible shadows  with such low price. Such quality and quantity at this price is a steal! Try it. I assure you, you would definitely love it.

Hope you have enjoyed this review! If you have any of these eye shadows, Let me know your experience with them 🙂

Samareen’s Rating- 5/5

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

❤ Samareen

P.S. Click on images to view full-size

14 thoughts on “Have you seen Red Earth’s ‘Indian Lights’ yet?

  1. Lovely colour…I absolutely loved the pigmentation…gotta raid lifestyle now…nice review
    I am completing one year of blogging and doing a giveaway to celebrate it…do check it out :))
    Abidha from abudhayyoob.blogspot.ae


  2. Lovely colour…I absolutely loved the pigmentation…gotta raid lifestyle now…nice review
    I am completing one year of blogging and doing a giveaway to celebrate it…do check it out :))
    Abidha from abidhayyoob.blogspot.ae


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