Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany : The strongest Contender for Emmy in more than one category!!

This summer heat is making me lethargic. I don’t feel like doing anything except lying down lazily and watching TV. Do you watch TV shows? I’m an avid TV show viewer  😀 There are a number of TV shows I have watched so far and I love most of them. Supernatural being my all time favorite 😀

Since most of the TV shows I was presently watching had already had their Season Finale, I was on a lookout for new ones. So I was just shuffling through IMDB looking for something commendable, I came across a new TV show that was being broadcasted. It was premiered on March 29, 2013. Its seven episodes had been aired by the time I came to know about it. Its genre was Sci-Fi. Its name was very fascinating – Orphan Black. A neutral name which doesn’t gives any inkling to what it was all about. It piqued my interest. Its synopsis, according to IMDB, is : 

“A streetwise hustler witnesses the suicide of a girl who looks just like her and falls headlong into a deadly mystery.”

There, just a single sentence which still doesn’t tell about the story line. Unsurprisingly, by this time my curiosity had hit the highest point. I had to download this one. I downloaded all the seven episodes and started watching it. The Pilot episode was very captivating. Then I watched next one and then next one and boy! Was I hooked!! The more episodes I watched the more I got engulfed by it. The story is what blockbuster movies are made of.
Orphan Black is the most astounding show I’ve watched till date (well, excluding supernatural of course :D)

I’m so consumed by it. How can someone even think of creating such a marvel? Hats off to John Fawcett and Graeme Manson for creating this phenomenal show.

The show focuses on a British woman Sarah Manning, whose life is messed up. She comes back to Toronto to reclaim custody of her daughter. There she witnessed another woman committing suicide, who looked exactly like her. She was Elizabeth Childs. Since Sarah was broke and harassed by her drug dealing ex-boyfriend, Vic, she thought of turning this event to her advantage. She takes off with Elizabeth handbag and assumes her identity thinking of draining her account and getting hold of whatever money she had. She then asked her foster brother Felix Dawkins to identify the body of Elizabeth Childs as hers so she can get rid of Vic. But it turns out that Beth was a cop and had her own demons. 

Initially, Sarah planned to abscond with her daughter Kira and all the money but gradually she got submerged by all that was happening around her. She came to know that the reason Beth was identical to her was because they both were clones and there were additonal 8 more of them. And someone was killing them.

The way the story unravels is exceptional, layer by layer and you can’t predict a single outcome. When you think you got it, it twists again. It’s full of twists, turns and surprises. It a truly remarkable and unique TV show. I don’t think any TV show is its contender right now. Nope! Not a chance!

 Tatiana Maslany is in the lead role playing all the seven characters. I didn’t even know her before this and now am awestruck by her performance. She distinguishes each character in such a way that it seems they are not being portrayed by a single actor but seven different actors!! This is no small feat. 

It feels I’m looking at seven different individuals with different nationalities.

  • Sarah Manning (British)


  • Helena (Ukrainian)

timthumb (4)

  • Katja Obinger (German)

timthumb (2)

  • Cosima Nihaus (American) 

timthumb (3)

  • Beth Childs is (Canadian)


  • Alison Hendrix  (Canadian) 

timthumb (1)

  • Though it isn’t been clear yet, Rachel Duncan’s accent is British so I think she’s British, too.


Image courtesy :  BBC America

  • Danielle Fournier (French, presumed dead before the events of the series)
  • Aryanna Giordano (Italian, presumed dead before the events of the series)
  • Janika Zingler (Austrian, presumed dead before the events of the series)

She’s plays all the roles flawlessly with impeccable accent.  Sometimes I forget that Tatiana Maslany is all characters and to think of that I’ve never heard about her!! :O She is no doubt the best actor in the best series currently on Television. She truly deserves ovation and award for her acting as well. No one else is worthy of it more than her. I’m completely mesmerized by her performance

Let me tell you a little about her that I read it on IMDB.

Date of Birth

22 September 1985, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 



Mini Biography

Tatiana Maslany was born on September 22, 1985 in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. She graduated from Dr. Martin LeBoldus High school in 2003. She was a well respected student, and participated as often as possible in school productions. She’s well known for her participation at the Improv Games. She starred in the 2006 television movie, Booky Makes Her Mark (2006) (TV) along with Megan Follows and Stuart Hughes.


An alumna of the Canadian Improv Games

Has two younger brothers named Daniel and Michael.

Did comedic improv for 10 years and participated in the Canadian Improv Games.

Personal Quotes

Have fun, be yourself, enjoy life and stay positive.

This is the link to her profile at IMDB.

And here’s the link to her profile at Wikipedia

You can like it on facebook, too – Orphan Black





beimage (1)




This week we will see the finale of this season. I can’t wait for the next season. I’m positive that it would be as enthralling as this one.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

❤ Samareen

5 thoughts on “Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany : The strongest Contender for Emmy in more than one category!!

  1. Unlike most OB fans, I was aware of Tatiana Maslany before the show started. I had seen her guest staring in a couple of shows and thought she was a real talent.
    I badgered family and friends to watch for her and nobody paid attention.
    When I heard about OB I was thrilled. My family and friends were not.
    Nice to have people to talk to about her.


      1. My daughter visited from out of state and I insisted that the first day she spent with me we would watch the first three episodes of OB. At her insistence we watched nine and the next day she came back for the finale. A new cloneclub member!


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