Mikyajy’s Stained Lip Tints : An Insight

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– Jules Renard

Long time, eh?

This time the reason for my long absence is that I was busy clicking away anything and everything I came across. Why?? Because Mr. N (Hubby darling :D) gifted me a new camera as a wedding anniversary gift!  I love photography though I’m still an amateur. I’m thinking of starting my own photography blog 😀 What say ??
Oh! I got side tracked by the talk of photography. Nope! This post isn’t about it. It’s about the experience I’d after using Mikyajy’s Lip Tints.
So here we go,



I purchased this box from Mikyajy’s store in the Mall Of The Emirates. They couldn’t have picked a better spot for their store as it’s just opposite the Carrefour store. And whenever I go there (that’s twice a week), it feels like it’s calling me towards itself. It’s very hard to stop myself from frequenting it 😛

So that day I was just passing through when I noticed there was a sale going on. Obviously, it was worth looking into 😛  I’d never used lip stains before but I really wanted to. I saw this box Stained was on sale. AED 129 for 4 stains. Not a bad bargain. I swatched them straight away and brought these beauties home.

I must admit it was a spur-of-the-moment buy. But boy! What a steal it is! Needless to say I love them.

DSCN2355-001 DSCN2354-001

You can buy them online, too from their site – Mikyajy Stained

Price: AED 129 . I bought them a few months back. It was priced AED 149 at that time and I bought it in a sale for AED 129 and now they reduced its price 😦 


There are total four shades in the box :

Lip Tint 01- An Orange shade
Lip Tint 02- A Red shade
Lip Tint 03- A Pink shade
Lip Tint 04- A Mauve shade


All the shades are very pretty and wearable. The mauve shade looks more natural on me. The Mauve and Orange shade can be worn daily. Pink is striking Pink. And the Red is gorgeous Red.


They come in a cute orange box shaped like lips. The Tints look more like coloured markers. They have a plastic body with a felt tip.
They are light in texture and glide smoothly on the lips.  But you need to exfoliate your lips first or else after some time it may settle in the lines, accentuating them. This isn’t a problem for me because I always apply lip balm before putting anything on my lips.



They tend to dry out after some time making lips dry. Dry-lipped beauties may not like this. Here’s what I do to overcome this. I first apply lip balm and wipe it after few minutes, and then I apply these tints. When they dry off (which only takes a few seconds) I apply lip balm again.
Their pigmentation is good. Dark shades have more pigmentation in comparison to the lighter shades.
Their staying power is good. They stayed on me for about 6-7 hours. But here’s a catch, they don’t remain as good after intake of edibles. They don’t fade out like other lipsticks do, but they do lose color. And if you have chapped lips then they tend to become patchy (when I applied without applying lip balm first). They don’t come off easily (Usually when you’d reapplied it) even after I used makeup remover. Some of the shade was still left on my lips after removing it.
Their fragrance is nice. At first you’d notice a bit marker-like smell but then it fades into a sweet smell.



In natural light


Under Flash

P1110212-001 P1110207-001

P1110203-001 P1110201-002

Reasons to grab it : 

  • Stay put for a long period (if you don’t mind reapplying after eating or drinking)
  • Great quality
  • Nice fragrance
  • Easy on pocket
  • Cute packing
  • Beautiful shades for every occasion
  • Easily portable (No accidental cap-off moment in your bag)

Reasons to steer clear of it :

  • Tends to dry out lips.
  • Doesn’t survive intake of food or drinks (Honestly, I’m not a fan of long staying lippies).
  • Doesn’t come off easily.

Final say : 

Just two words from me – “Grab it!!” You’ll love them. You can see from swatches itself how pretty they are. Except for drying out part, I totally love these beauties.
If you have them, let me know your views on them.



4 thoughts on “Mikyajy’s Stained Lip Tints : An Insight

  1. oh my I haven’t tried these beauties but I sure will buy these in my next visit. What a nice review. & you are so right they couldn’t have picked a better place for the store.


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