Bring back the shine of your gold jewellery without any expense…

Few days back I noticed that the gold rings I was wearing had lost their sheen. I had been wearing them for months without cleaning them. Well, that’s not typical of me! Me, being a Virgo 😛 So that day I took my ring out with a resolution and started the regime of cleaning them 😛

This is a very effortless and easy manner to clean your jewellery. I have been cleaning my jewellery for years in this way.
You’ll need following things:

  • Your gold jewellery that needs to be cleaned (Well, obviously!! Dumb of me to even mention that! :P)

  • Any detergent powder (I’m using Aerial)

  • An old used tooth brush

  • Any pan (I’m using sauce pan)
  • Tissue papers

Here are the guidelines of how to do it 🙂

1. Take some water in a pan enough to immerse the jewellery.

2. Put one teaspoon of detergent powder in it and  put it on the flame and bring it to simmer.

3. Now put all the jewellery in it and boil for another half a minute.

5. Take it off the flame. Transfer all the contents into a bowl.

6. Now use the tooth brush to clean off any excess dirt.

7. After cleaning all the jewellery, wash them off with water at normal temperature and put them in a bowl of cold water for half a minute.

8. Now take them out on a tissue paper and let them dry out.

And Voila!!! Your gold jewellery is as good as new!! 😀

You can see how the luster came back and how they are gleaming 😀

I’m sure you all will find this procedure easy enough. Now no need to go to the jewellers to have your jewellery cleaned when you can do it at your home in a real easy manner. And that too, in an inexpensive way! 😀

Do let me know how good you find my method 🙂

Thanks for stopping by
Love, Samareen 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bring back the shine of your gold jewellery without any expense…

  1. Wow i luv ur rings collection especially the cute little flower ring with a diamond in between and thanks for the method. I do like u said next time…


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