Mikyajy Pretty In Pink Box : Lipsticks – A Review

Today I was going though my blog and saw that I haven’t wrote anything for ages 😛 Need I tell you again that I’m too lazy 😛

But I putting my laziness aside ( for today only ;)) I wrote this review of lipsticks in Mikyajy’s Pretty In Pink box I promised earlier 😀

Lipsticks are the only thing in a vanity that all women love regardless of their age. Even those women who doesn’t do makeup would have lipsticks in their bags 😛  It’s the only makeup product which has such popularity. We all love them.

I am ardent about lipsticks in Pinks :D. When I got this box I was so excited. As far as I can see there were pinks and lot of pinks in it 😀

There are total TWELVE lip sticks in the box. As the name ( Pretty In Pink ) suggests, they are all shades ranging from pink to red, though there are a couple of purple ones and a nude one.

As Mikyajy is a Middle East brand, their main target is the Middle East women. We all know how their skin is not that different from us. Still, many shades in the box are meant for fair skinned women. While some of the shades are too bright for me, I love each and every singles one except the nude 😛

Now, The Review:

Price : Refer to my earlier post here

The packing is quite similar to NYX Diamond Sparkle and Black Label Lipsticks. It is sleek and sturdy. It had a black plastic cover and a transparent base. It makes it easy to spot your lipstick without uncovering it.

All the lipsticks are well pigmented, creamy and moisturizing and are very light to wear. They glide smoothly on the lips. They don’t feel thick at all. The finish is quite moisturizing and one coat will suffice.  With a lip balm under, a single swipe gives a beautiful color. Some of the shade are sheer but gives good color on multiple swipes. None of them are matte.

Their staying power is not much. They usually stay put for around 2 hours. If you haven’t exfoliated your lips, some shades tend to settle in the fine lines. After a couple of hours, they begin to fade specially in the middle and settles at the outline of the lips. But you can overcome this problem by rubbing your lips together from time to time after two hours 😛

They leave a beautiful tint on the lips while fading. After about 2 hours (if you don’t drink or eat anything), you don’t have the same color but the color you do have, still looks beautiful 🙂

The best thing about these lipsticks is that they don’t bleed!!! Yeah!! you heard me 😀 I didn’t even line my lips before wearing these lippies and even after 5 hours I can see their intact outline!!!!

You can layer 2 or more lipsticks to get a new shade 😀

These can be worn as lip stains, too. They are so light in texture!! 😀

Though, I don’t wear all the shades as some of them are too bright, I completely love all of them!! 😀 😀

What I don’t like about these lipsticks is their smell. It’s a strange waxy smell. uurrrggghhhh!! >:O

But I’m not complaining as this waxy smell is the only thing bad about them 😀 Thank God the smell is not too overpowering.

Shade 1: A Frosty Nude color with a slight gold tinge.

Shade 2: A Coral shade. Too bright but still a good shade 🙂

Shade 3: A Bright Orange shade. Would look good in costumes 😉

Shade 4: Bright Red Shade

Shade 5: Beautiful Red shade. Just the perfect shade of Red. One of my favorites 😀

Shade 6: Dark Red shade with Blue undertone.


Picture taken without flash

With flash

Shade 7-12

Shade 7: A Frosty Sheer Baby Pink shade with a slight silver tinge.

Shade 8: A Pink shade.

Shade 9: Now, this is my favorite shade, the one I wear most. A Perfect Pink with a slight shimmer. It suits my complexion and brightens up my face.

Shade 10: A Pink-coral shade.

Shade 11: A Beautiful Lavender color with red undertone.

Shade 12: A Dark Purple shade with blue undertone specially meant for vamps 😛 kidding!! :))

Swatches :

Picture taken without flash

With flash

Reasons to pick this:

  • Sleek and sturdy packaging.
  • Doesn’t bleed. No need for a lip liner.
  • Nice pigmentation in a single swipe.
  • Beautiful and wearable shades.
  • After fading slightly stays on for about 1-2 hours.
  • Exceptional Price 😀

Reasons to skip this :

  • Some colors tends to settle in fine lines after a couple of hours if your lips are chapped.
  • Non-availability in India. Its only available in Middle East.
  • Waxy fragrance.
  • Staying power is not good. Will last for two hours max if you don’t eat or drink.

Last Word:

I totally love these lippies for the color alone 😀 their being creamy, pigmented and moisturizing is an added bonus!!!  I love the packaging!! The best thing about them is the price 😀 You get so many products of such a good quality for extremely low cost!!! it’s a bargain!! 😀 😀

Hope you liked this post 🙂

Samareen’s Rating : 4/5

Thank for stopping by 🙂

❤ Samareen

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