Fixed my broken blush and eye shadow!!!

You remember the review I posted about NYX blush? How it got broken?

Its really infuriating when the product you love fall and break into pieces. And you can’t do anything to fix it. You can’t throw it off as you love it too much for it.
I bought this really beautiful blush shade for my wedding but afterwards it fell and broke. So now for months it has been residing in my drawer along with a broken eye shadow quad.

I usually look at it, sign and close my drawer.
Some days back I was surfing the net and on chance came across this amazing article which provided information on how to fix broken eye shadow. I read it, thought about doing it and after few days forget about it altogether.
Now my husband’s cousin’s wedding is coming up and this time I am determined to fix my blush and eye shadow and wear it.
So I fished though my documents and found the file I saved.
And by following the step I salvaged my blush and eye shadow!!!!!!! Yyyyyaaaaayyyyy!!!!! 😀

To fix you eye shadow/blush you need following things-

  • 70% isopropyl alcohol (Rubbing alcohol or in more common language ‘Spirit’
  • A spatula/cuticle pusher
  • Eye shadow brush
  • Dropper/container
  • A transparent plastic film(I cut it out from a transparent plastic bag)
  • Q-tip(ear bud)
  • Cosmetic binder (optional)

Start by covering the blush with the plastic film.  Now with the spatula/pusher crush the whole blush so that you get a fine powder.

Now take the rubbing alcohol in a dropper or any container and pour it over the powder till you get a thick paste.

My blush is matt so I got a mixture resembling wet clay. If you are fixing eye shadow or shimmer blush then when you mix the alcohol to the powder, it won’t be absorbed readily but will take some time and would feel like sponge. You can also mix 2-3 drops of cosmetic binder to the mixture. But I didn’t use it as I couldn’t find it in my city.

Now smooth the edges with the eye shadow brush.

Clean the rest of the area with Q-tips.

This is how it will look after cleaning.

Let it dry out for a night. I let mine dry for a night and a better part of the day, too.

Doesn’t it look like as if breaking never happened??????
Its not as good as new but close to it!!!! 😀

My broken eye shadow quad

This is how it looked after fixing

Both the products after fixing

Products after drying

In case of dried out and cracked cream eye shadows/blush, just add alcohol, blend and smooth it out and clean the edges.
Hope this post helped a lot of ladies 🙂

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

XOXO, Samareen

16 thoughts on “Fixed my broken blush and eye shadow!!!

  1. woww… so thoughtful! lovely post and damn helpful… now i will start fixing all my broken e/s ,…wish broken hearts cud be as easily fixed as this GUESS thats too much too ask for 😛


  2. my god amazing post i have 2 blushers n a eye shadow that is broken n i just love them too much to throw them n i m so glad for this post i can repair them ❤ thankx for the idea 🙂


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