Know The Parts of Your Eye : The Essential Step Before Entering The World Of Makeup

Before you start to do your own makeup, you must know where and how to apply eye makeup.

When I was new to makeup I used to think that I need to put eye shadow only on my lids and I’m done 🙂

But later I found out that it’s not the case. I didn’t know that our eye is divided into so many areas and in order to do a flawless makeup each area must be made accordingly.

So now I’m going to share what I learned after being into makeup for months 😀

Our eye actually has following parts. Let me tell you about each of them individually.

Eye lids : Do I need to tell about these???? 😛

Crease : It is the actual physical fold (crease) between the brow bone and the eyelid. Close your eyes and place your finger above the top of your eyeball, the dip between your eye ball and the boney ridge (which makes up the edge of your eye socket) is known as the crease.

Above Crease : It is the area between the crease and the eye brow.

Brow Bone : This is the ridge right under the eyebrow. If you put your finger on the crease of your eye and move it upwards, you will feel your brow bone. This is actually the upper edge of the eye socket.

Inner Corner or Tear Duct : It is the inner corner or part of the eye from where the tears originate.

Upper Lash line : It is the rim of the upper eye lid. It is area where your upper lashes meet your eyelid.

Lower Waterline : It is the lower inner rim of the your eye. It is just above your lower lashes, right underneath your eye.

Upper Waterline or Tight line: It is the rim of the upper eye lid, below the eye lashes. It is directly beneath your upper lashes. If you look up, you can see a space just like your lower waterline, it is the tight line.

Lower Lash Line: It is the area directly underneath the lower waterline.

Outer V : It is the outer corner of the eye. Our eye is shaped like two horizontal crescents. The Outer V is the corner where the both crescents meet ( like this >).

Upper Lashes: I didn’t label it but you all can find them, right???? 😛

Lower Lashes: These are the shorter lashes found beneath your eyeball.

I came though this another picture on temptalia. It divides eye into some other parts, too. But the concept is the same.

Image Source: Temptalia

Once you get the gist, doing makeup is a piece of cake 😀

Hope it helped.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

XOXO, Samareen

5 thoughts on “Know The Parts of Your Eye : The Essential Step Before Entering The World Of Makeup

    1. That crease is not significant. You get it if you didn’t have enough sleep. That area tends to swell with the lack of sleep. The lower inner lash line is usually lined with a highlighter, you can use any light-colored eye shadow you like. The lower outer lash line is lined halfway with the same eye shadow that you have used in the outer V of your eye. Hope I’ve answered your query. If not then please let me know 🙂


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