Mikyajy Pretty In Pink Box : Eye Shadows – A Review

Mikyajy’s Pretty In Pink Box

As promised, I am back with the review of the Mikyajy’s Pretty In Pink Box’s Eye Shadows.

My husband gifted me this box 😀  He brought it from dubai.

Mikyajy might be a new name for you all (It was for me, too :D) so as soon as I got this, I googled and found everything about this brand. 😀 😀

According to the official site, 

Mikyajy is one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands in the Middle East. Launched in 1999, today we have almost 200 stores across Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Libya. In 2009 Mikyajy was ranked 29th in the Forbes Arabia Top 40 Arab Brands — an incredible achievement for a brand that was born just over 10 years ago!

Who is Mikyajy?

Trendy. Friendly. Young. Being creative and fun has made us into one of the leading cosmetic brands in the Middle East. Our huge array of quality European products meets all the needs of our beauty savvy audience. Mikyajy products range from color cosmetics to fragrances and make up tools. This complete product line up and our belief that all girls are beautiful is what makes us unique.

What’s does the site say about Pretty In Pink

Pretty in Pink is the ultimate wedding make up box. It contains step-by-step instructions to create three Beautiful Looks as well as a mirror surrounded by lights for a professional finish.

Price : 329 DHS( around INR 5000)

Quantity : No mention of the quantity

Ingredients : There’s no mention of ingredients anywhere on the box.

I’ll review the eye shadows today 🙂

This is how the eye shadows looks like in the box:

Here’s a description of the shades:

  • White
  • Whitish Pink
  • Lime green
  • Whitish gold

  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Turquoise
  • Yellow

  • Coral
  • Purple
  • Cyan
  • Golden Bronze

  • Silver
  • Bluish Mauve
  • Electric Blue
  • Warm Copper

  • Black
  • Lavender
  • Navy Blue
  • Deep Reddish Brown

My perspective after using this:

I don’t usually like pink color but the color of this box is so beautiful. It is elegant and GORGEOUS!!!! It has 20 eye shadows,  12 lipsticks, 6 lip glosses, 6 nail paint, 4 blushes and 2 pressed powders. It also has 3 eye pencils, 2 lip pencils, makeup brushes, 2 double ended mascaras and eye liners. It comes with an instruction booklet in which there are step by step instructions to create 3 looks with this box- Purple Haze, Peacock Fantasy and Bronzed Beauty. I’ll try out these three looks some time 🙂

The box has dark shades like black, navy blue, bronze, as well as light and bright  shades like gold, copper, bronze, white, pink, blue, green, yellow,etc. It has a beautiful collection of warm and vibrant colors.

The eye shadows are pressed into square metallic containers which are in turn embedded into a palette. The palette is made up of plastic which is a rather flimsy. In fact, the palette have other indentations for blushes, pressed powder, lipstick, lip glosses and nail paints.

If you want you can take out the individual eye shadow container and make your own eye shadow palette by transferring them to a portable empty palette. But you have to do this very carefully because if you don’t then the eye shadows can break.

The eye shadows are pressed, concentrated, odorless, and satin in texture and give a smooth finish. They are so soft and silky to touch. None of the shades are matt. All have slight shimmer in it. But its so fine that the finish is silky and not shimmery!! 😀

Since I never heard of this brand, I was astonished to find the Mikyajy’s eye shadows to be so incredible!!! 😀

The staying power of these eye shadows is just awesome 😀 They don’t smudge even after hours of wearing it!!! They last longer even when they are worn without any eye shadow base.  They stay on for around 6-7 hours without eye shadow base while with an eye shadow base they last for more than 10 hours without smudging!!!! I splashed my face after wearing these for few hours and noticed that they didn’t melt down!!! 😀

I especially love the ‘Coral’ and ‘Deep Reddish Brown’ color.

Though the colors shows on bare skin, using them on any base (eye shadow base, foundation or concealer)  make them more intense, satiny and smooth.

They seemed to be highly pigmented when I swatched it on my arm but when I used it on my eyes it didn’t look as much pigmented. A bit more than the usual amount of eye shadow is needed to get the desired color. You can make the color intense or subtle according to your liking. You can create a dramatic look by using the colors intensely or an everyday look by using them subtly.


Picture taken with a flash

Picture taken without a flash

Picture taken with a flash

Picture taken without a flash

Picture taken with a flash

Picture taken without a flash

You can wear them individually or blend two or more colors together create the look you desire. They can be easily blended.

Some of the eye shadows have a slight fall out.

This box is a remarkable product of Mikyajy. It’s totally worth your money 😀 😀

And after using this, Mikyajy became my favorite brand after NYX (Of course!!!) 😀 😀

Reasons for buying this:

  • Elegant and sleek box.
  • Beautiful and intense colours.
  • Exceptional staying power.
  • Easy on pocket.
  • Does not crease.
  • Can be used for dramatic as well as subtle looks.
  • Does not affect the eyes in any way.

Reasons for skipping this:

  • No mention of ingredients and quantity.
  • A bit more than a usual amount of the shade is needed to get the desired color (But who’s complaining!! :P)
  • Some shades have a slight fall out (All eye shadows do!!!) But if used carefully, it can be avoided.
  • Not easily portable. The box is rather heavy and big to carry. (But it can be remedied. You can transfer the shades to another palette and carry them in your everyday makeup pouch 😀 :D)

Final Recommendation:

The Mikyajy’s Pretty In Pink Box’s Eye Shadows are dazzling , warm, and radiant eye shadows. Just INR 5000 for 20 beautiful eye shades, 4 blushes, 2 pressed powders, 12 lipsticks, 6 lip glosses and 6 nail paints, 2 mascaras and eye liners, 2 lip liners, and makeup brushes, is an exceptional bargain for the variety and quality it offers. It’s worth your money through and through.!!! I would highly recommend this to everyone!!!!

Samareen’s Rating: 4.95/5 (0.5 deducted for non-availability in India and for not getting a portable eye shadow palette)

Thanks again for stopping by 🙂

XOXO, Samareen

9 thoughts on “Mikyajy Pretty In Pink Box : Eye Shadows – A Review

  1. i love mikaji products ! check out my blog for more mikyaji products ..! and lov ur photos 🙂 … i would recommend you to check their brushes and bath products !


  2. Nice post n i too have been using mikyajy powder,foundation,concealer,liners ,shower gels,body butter,exfoliaters from around 3 yrs but last week i came across using its eye shadows when my hubby gifted me mikyajy make up kit (from jeddah,ksa..v live here) 500 SR n to tell da truth m disappointed from eye shadows. They r chalky,they dont shimmer n r nt prominent,,,,i reapplied them but they fade.,.rest of da kit z awesome i.e eye liners,lip liners,diff brushes,6 blushes,lipsticks,pallete lip colors,pencil lipsticks,glosses,compact powders,nail polishes( they get scratches) mascaras…its all lovely


  3. Great, I bought this for my wedding too .. but the box is heavy and cannot be carried for travelling .. however just for keeping at one place its awesum 🙂


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