Faces Sparkle Dust Stackable : Sunbeam – A Review

I came across Faces Sparkle Dust Stackable when I was looking for the best golden coloured eye shadow. I saw this on an online shopping website.  I fell instantly in love with these stackables 😀

Let’s start with what the Faces Cosmetics’s site has to say about these stacks:

These customized sparkle dust towers are not only a value but have been selected to enhance and inspire each unique eye colour and design.

The stackables come in a set of 5, 6 or 8 variants. The series consists of:

  • Top Seller(8)
  • Wild(5)
  • Ice(5)
  • Lip Balm (5)
  • Moon(5)
  • Earth(5)
  • Sparkle Glitter(6)
  • Sunbeam(8)
  • Rainbow(8)
  • Enchanted(5)

Though it shows 10 sets on Faces’ site, only 8 out of them are available here.

I wanted to buy all the shades but it would have been too much for a newbie like me :p So I curbed my initial desire *sigh* and got two stackables- Sunbeam and Wish 😀 😀 😀 I am going to review Faces Sparkle Dust Stackable- Sunbeam today.

Overview: It is a set of 8 loose color pigments.

Price: INR 699 Got it on a discount for INR 665

Quantity: 11.2g

Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, Ferric Ferrocyanide, Carmine, Chromium Oxide Greens, Iron Oxide and Tin Oxide

Faces describe Sunbeam asFor eyes that have been kissed by the sun, this 8 stack warms you with shades of gold, buttercup, copper and bronze, for a true island glow.

This is how the stack looks like:

Picture taken with flash

Picture taken without flash

(With flash)

(Without flash)

Heres a description of the shades:

  1. White with silver shimmer
  2. White with pink or purple shimmer (pink/purple color is only prominent when swatched)
  3. Whitish pale gold
  4. Yellowish gold
  5. Warm neutral brown
  6. Warm brownish pale pink
  7. Warm bronze
  8. Deep rich reddish copper

White with silver shimmer ( with flash)

White with silver shimmer ( without flash)

White with pink or purple shimmer (with flash)

White with pink or purple shimmer (without flash)

Whitish pale gold (with flash)

Whitish pale gold (without flash)

Yellowish gold (with flash)

Yellowish gold (without flash)

Warm neutral brown (with flash)

Warm neutral brown (without flash)

Warm brownish pale pink (with flash) 

Warm brownish pale pink (without flash) 

Warm bronze (with flash)

Warm bronze (without flash)

Deep rich reddish copper (with flash)

Deep rich reddish copper (without flash)

My perspective after using this:

The sunbeam stackable has gold, copper, white, warm pink and bronze shades in it. I got this mainly for the golden shade in it, but after using the other colors, I am in love with them as well. 🙂

These come in a row of small plastic tubs stacked over one another hence, the name stackables. They don’t have individual lids; instead one tub is the lid for the next one. The stackable is sleek and elegant and can be easily carried in your makeup pouch. The pigments are loose, highly concentrated, odorless, and have a luminous shine.  All the colors are natural and skin true. These pigments are satin in texture and give a smooth finish. The best thing I like about these pigments is their ability to last longer than any other eye shadows I’ve come across even when they are worn without any eye shadow base.  They stay on for more than 8 hours (without eye shadow base) and with an eye shadow base almost the whole day without smudging!!!!  :-O Isn’t it remarkable???  The luminous shine in the pigments doesn’t look tacky, in fact, it look real classy. Since they are highly pigmented, even a little amount is sufficient to create desirable looks.


You can use them individually or blend in two or more colors to create glistening, sultry looks. The best part is you can make the color intense or subtle according to your liking. You can create a dramatic look by using the colors intensely or an everyday look buy using them subtly.

(with flash)

(without flash)

I read on the website that it can all also be used as a highlighter over body or face. You can mix it in nail paint to create new shades. It can even be mixed with your lip gloss and give a new meaning to it. But I didn’t try this. 😛

So you see the versatility of this single product??? 😀 😀 Use your creativity to get maximum out of these stackables 😀

Since these are loose pigment, it gets blown off in air if not handled carefully. Another annoying thing about these is the glittery nature of the pigments because of which it gets stuck everywhere. But it can be resolved by putting a layer of loose powder under your eyes so that the sparkle dust doesn’t get stuck to your skin and can be easily removed by fan brush.

This is an amazing product. It’s totally worth your money. The sparkle dust also comes in single packs. Its cost is INR 299. But in these stackable you get total 8 pigments for just INR 699 only!! So, each pigment will cost around INR 87. That’s quite a profit!!! Isn’t it???? 😀

Reasons for buying this:

  • Elegant and sleek packing.
  • Intense colours.
  • Exceptional staying power.
  • Easy on pocket. 😉 😉
  • Can be used as a highlighter, too.
  • Does not crease.
  • Can be used for dramatic as well as subtle looks.
  • Does not affect the eyes in any way.
  • Can be mixed with nail paints and lip glosses to create new shades.

Reasons for skipping this:

I don’t find any cons with this product but let me mention a couple of useless cons 😛 😀

  • Tends to fallout so those who didn’t work with pigments before might find these difficult to use. ( Personally, I think if you use them carefully and with patience, it won’t happen)
  • Sparkle dust can get stuck to the skin while working them on eyes.

Will I be tempted with it again?

Yep!!! I love it!! I’ll try out other the shades too!!! Its an exceptional  bargain for the variety and quality it offers. Its completely worth the money!!

Samareen’s Rating: 4.95/5 :-* (deducted 0.05 for fall out :P)

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

XOXO, Samareen

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